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Life with an IID in Florida
Residents in Florida who have been arrested and charged with drunk driving and who want to know about ignition interlock devices should click on this link now. This article will give you important information about how IIDs work and what your everyday life using one might be like. Find out also when you may be required to use an IID in Florida after a drunk driving arrest.

I am getting ready for a new year with new challenges and opportunities to help new and former clients. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. 

Exercise your constitutional right to vote. The current elections will set the stage for years and possibly for generations of Americans.

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What are the penalties for drinking and driving in Florida? The severity of the penalties a driver faces after receiving a DUI depend on the number of drunk driving offenses on his or her record.

The legislature will be in session tomorrow again. Let's hope and pray they get it right this time. 
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