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Call us today 1-800-223-6565 and take advantage of this Spring Sale.
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Our new 2018 Catalogs are in homes. Great new gear additions are online at

Here's an original poem inspired by an original photo of our employee Joe Larson who took a cool wintery shot in March of the wilderness river "breathing".


The Little Indian Sioux River
breathes in and out
filling as it were
two icy lungs
with cold memories
of summer past.

If the lungs expand in silence,
the forest body, surrounding
sways and shudders
with March’s
volatile lioness strength.
White frost dripping
from trees with steady
climbing steps of the sun.

The river is blanketed by
snow covered ice,

inviting, though not
safe enough,
for human steps,
this narrowed esophagus,
this darkness,
thick with tannin, like tea
steeped too long,
flavored of sunset, smoke,
separation and solitude,

each one dormant
under the last
fallen leaves of
autumn’s gracious eraser.

We are swallowed, you and I,
by this forest of shadows,
Superior, and yet forgotten
until the first breath of Spring
exhales us.

©Timothy James Stouffer 03122018
All rights reserved Ely, MN
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Thunderstorms this morning and rain ushers in the week with a bang.  If you are in your tent, it is a good day for a great book and a deck of cards.  Only makes the solitude and escape of the Wilderness deeper.
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