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Gregorius Soedharmo

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Something like this, except with the EC mascot printed instead of a creeper?

Gregorius Soedharmo

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Web cam + motion detection + water ripple effect = mini augmented reality.

Just some flash experiment that I've done in my spare time.
You can try this mini flash experiment if you have a web cam installed.

PS: For those who are paranoid, the server will not recording anything, everything is strictly running on your computer.
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keren G..:D
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Gregorius Soedharmo

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As James Paul Gee said (not in these exact words, but this is his take on game based learning), we think its natural to learn in a class for 10, 12 weeks and be tested at the end. But lets ask ourselves this, when I beat super mario, do I need to take a test to prove that I mastered the game? Of course not, I beat the game, that is prove as it is that I mastered the game to the T.
Now lets ask another question, why? Do we trust games as learning medium better than our current schooling system? Yes, yes we DO. Why? Because games assess us in real time, you're being tested over and over again, with increasing difficulty, mind you, to do a task that at first, is impossible to achieve when you started playing it. When you beat a game, we have been assessed and tested and proven thoroughly, by design, that we mastered the mechanics of the game.
Do we do that in school? No, there's a big separation between learning and assessment in school, and as the video states, you only have one chance, thats it, fail the final exam, and you're doomed to repeat the whole grade over again. Instead of offering the students an option that failure is an opportunity to learn, we're teaching them that failure will earn you the biggest punishment (and in some culture, biggest humiliation) in your live.

Do I believe that games can be used in school to teach? Absolutely.

Gregorius Soedharmo

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First garden harvest, limes.
We already gave more than half away to our neighbors.
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yammy lemon tea.....
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