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Amsterdam and the Bay of Naples
Hi everyone! I know it's been a while, it's just been too nice here to be inside most of the time! But I've had a few more incredible adventures since I last posted. First, Amsterdam. The weekend after spring break me, Marie, and four of our friends went to...

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Spring Break!
Three cities. Ten days. What a trip! Spring break was a whirlwind, and absolutely incredible! It came at the perfect time too. We all needed a break. We finished Italian (with an insanely hard final) for good the Friday before we left which was bittersweet ...

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Days 40-54
Time is FLYING by. The fact that it is already March makes me a little nauseous...I'm exactly halfway through my program! When did that happen?! Again, sorry for being silent for two weeks now, it's been an absolutely crazy time. I've been so busy with clas...

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Days 32-40
This past week has been one of the busiest yet! All last week was filled with papers and homework, not to mention the constant presence of those 3 hour long Italian classes. Maria Grazia had a friend come stay with her for two night last week named Francesc...

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Days 25-32
Hi everyone! So sorry I've been so silent, it's been mostly a lot of school work, not too much to report and I wouldn't want to bore you with posts about my numerous essays and worksheets. But, I am still in Rome, so as always, I can't even be too upset abo...

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Days 21-24
We've had a busy few days! Thursday Marie and I had class at Santa Maria Maggiore which was great because it's right outside our building, and also because I was genuinely interesting in learning more about it since I pass it multiple times a day. Just a fe...

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Days 17-19
Sorry for being so silent these past few days! There really hasn't been too much to report, we've had a lot of homework and a lot of class! Monday we only had Italian for two hours for some reason which would have been awesome EXCEPT that meant we made up t...

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Days 15-17
We had such a fun weekend. Unfortunately it started out with a crazy hard Italian midterm, but we made it through with the promise of Chinese food for dinner. For some reason this sounded really appealing. Like I've said before, I will never be one to compl...

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Day 14
It's been two weeks! I can't believe it. Part of me feels like time is flying by, but I also feel like I've been here forever. Not too much to report, I had to go back to St. Paul's yesterday for my History of the Papacy class which was interesting and ever...

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Days 12 and 13
These past few days have been full of mostly classes and homework (had to happen sometime I guess...)  I had a three hour class at 9 am which was brutal especially because we had no time of coffee beforehand. We had to wake up around 7:30 which already just...
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