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My newest timelapse! This is what I have been up to all summer!
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Dude, that was seriously beautiful!
That is AWESOME, I am going to start getting into timelapses myself (I am 15 and have a 7D and some good gear) can you please tell me/share some tips on how to capture the stars like that! That is just INCREDIBLE.
Thanks! I appreciate the comments and shares! Philip, those lights are lights from the town I was living in. I framed the shot above them, and it created those very interesting flares. I thought it was cool, so I decided to shoot a sequence like that. It was kind of like a "good vs. evil" thing, light pollution versus the milky way.
That's interesting. So you didn't see the pillars yourself? That means my guess was wrong, and are simply lens flares. I don't mind being wrong; I have to guess sometimes. :) Thanks!
+Eric Hines Absolutely stunning and brilliant work! I hope to become as good as you at astronomy photography one day!
Can't wait to check it out Eric, cool! Off to do so now....
The smooth panning is really impressive!
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