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★★ ( GOOGLE ) Simple Solutions For Complex Connections ★★
★★ ( GOOGLE ) Simple Solutions For Complex Connections ★★

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New Year Business Marketing Plan & Annual Strategy Goal Update

Developing a marketing strategy as part of your overall business plan helps you focus on how you will sell your products or services. However, your goals, and how you intend to reach them, may change as your business grows. For that reason, your marketing plan should be reviewed annually to update your implementation strategy. The beginning of a new calendar year or your company's fiscal year is a good time for this undertaking.

The purpose of your marketing plan is to outline how you will reach your target audience and sales goals. To do this, you must develop a strategy to advertise your products or services. Placing details in your marketing plan helps you analyze its success at a later date and update it as needed. For example, if your target customer is a teenager, and you initially planned to advertise for that demographic on social networking sites, examine whether you met your marketing goal and if it was productive.

To develop your new-year marketing plan and annual strategy, review your progress from your last plan. Determine your new business goals, including total sales revenue and net profits, prior to creating a strategy for advertising. Once you've established where you want your company to be in the coming year, figure out how you'll get there through your marketing plan. Focus on seasonal sales and how to improve during lulls and busy times. Repeat the strategies that were most effective, and include the cost estimates for each one. Project product pricing and competition, and determine if you will need to raise prices, which may impact your sales and marketing goals.

Once you understand what you need to accomplish to grow your business, implement your strategy by matching the strengths and talents of your employees to different segments of your plan. For example, if a goal is to increase your online presence, the staff member who has the most experience and success with web content, advertising and social media can take the lead. Explaining your annual marketing plan to your employees helps them understand why they are assigned to certain tasks and how their efforts benefit them and the company through increased sales.

Once your annual marketing plan is updated, it must be reviewed periodically throughout the year. Look at your goals and the strategy you developed to achieve them, and determine if you are on track for reaching them. Ensure that you are accomplishing the strategic plan, and you do not need to make any changes to it due to unforeseen circumstances, such as an increase in cost of goods sold or a new competitor. This process is ongoing, so your new-year marketing plan and strategic goals must be revisited regularly, such as every quarter, to help you analyze its success before the year is over.

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Strategic Marketing Ideas:-
Strategic marketing allows you to overcome obstacles to your company's success. When you establish goals and identify factors that stand in your way, strategic marketing can let you develop methods to overcome those barriers and reach your targets. A strategic marketing idea can guide you in choosing a course of action that is effective in improving company performance and in moving the company toward the long-term objectives you have established.

Customers' Customers
Ask your customers about their customers. If you sell to other businesses, their customers may need the same products and services your customers are buying. When you have satisfied customers, they will readily give you contact information for their customers or refer their customers to your company.

Review Marketing Messages
Marketing messages evolve over time and may become muddied as they absorb different influences. Review your message and cut all vague language. Switch to simple adjectives and action words like buy, save or enjoy. Concentrate on an easily-understood concept or message that appeals to your target market.

Online Resource
Your customers have questions about your products and consumers want to know more about them. Place product descriptions, manuals, reviews, test results and any other information you have online. Track visitors to determine what content is the most popular and expand those sections.

Customer Profiles
Mine your data to create profiles of your customers and keep records of their interactions with your company. Respect privacy laws and regulations, but add customer convenience. When a customer makes a follow-up call to your company, the customer profile must be up to date, including a record of what he called about the first time so customer service can help more efficiently.

Integrate Marketing
Include every employee in your marketing strategy. Even employees who don't interact with the public have to know what image the company is projecting and the company's strategy for satisfying customer needs. All employees have social networks and will participate in helping create a clear public image for your company.

The three ways of growing your company are selling more to existing customers, adding customers who are like existing customers, and adding new, different customers. The last method is the most expensive. Before expanding into new markets, make sure you have exhausted expansion possibilities in your existing market by focusing your resources and intensifying promotional and sales efforts in your target markets.

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How to Conduct a Strategic Marketing Meeting

People tend to either love meetings and the inevitable exchange of ideas or they watch the clock, anxious for the activity to end. Whether or not you're a marketing professional, you can learn to conduct a strategic marketing meeting that will breed more of the former than the latter among your work team. The keys? Get organized, stay focused on your goals and develop a crisp, anticipatory marketing plan

Step 1
Invite only the necessary people to your marketing meeting. Each attendee should have a specific role and purpose related to the marketing effort and/or contribute something directly to its execution. Tempting as it may be to be inclusive, it will be far more productive if everyone present at the meeting plays a role in your strategic marketing effort. The time may come later to announce your plans to the company at large. For now, tangential employees don't belong in strategic planning.

Step 2
Prepare an agenda in advance of the meeting. Even if the agenda contains only one half-page of bullet points, you will communicate to colleagues that you are organized. Leave space for "action steps" and "deadlines," which are vital to any marketing plan.

Step 3
Ask a trustworthy colleague to take notes or minutes of the meeting, and be sure to start on time.

Step 4
Begin the meeting by explaining your objectives and how long you expect the meeting to last. This one gesture will go a long way toward communicating that you are disciplined and respect other people's time.

Step 5
Review your marketing effort and the tactics that will initiate it. Now is the time to be sure that your colleagues understand the difference between strategy and tactics. For example, if your strategy is to promote the grand opening of a hospital, the tactics you employ might include staging a ribbon-cutting ceremony and inviting local politicians and the media, hosting an open house for area residents and staging an outdoor "dinner under the big tent," where residents can meet surgeons, physicians and nurses in an informal setting.

Step 6
Identify the actions that must be taken to achieve your marketing tactics, the person responsible for implementing each tactic and the deadlines.

Step 7
Insist on reviewing the tactics and developing a contingency plan for every conceivable event that could interfere with implementing your marketing tactics. For example, devise a back-up plan if the local politicians suddenly cancel their appearance at the ribbon-cutting; likewise, decide if the show will go on if it's raining on the night of the dinner and, if so, how you will proceed.

Step 8
Ascertain that everybody understands their responsibilities and deadlines in successfully implementing the marketing plan.

Step 9
Open the floor to questions and answer them. Try to keep complaints to a minimum and optimism in high supply.

Step 10
Conclude the meeting by reviewing the appropriate action steps before setting a date for your next meeting.

Step 11
Establish a consistent, workable method encouraging employees to communicate in the interim. Consider creating a shared database so that everyone has access to the most current status of the marketing campaign.

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How to Develop & Implement Strategic & Tactical Marketing Plans to Gain New Business

Developing and implementing a strategic and tactical marketing plan is supposed to gain new business and firm up old business. Find out how to develop and implement a strategic and tactical marketing plan to gain new business with help from a public relations and marketing professional

Now this could be like for more consumers or you just want to get more awareness or there's some quirky that you're doing or something with your business that you maybe just, I don't know. I've got a few different ideas for you. And I want to show you these so you understand different ways that do this and you can generate interest for your company. OK.Develop and implement strategical and tactical, it's the biggest cycle in the whole world. OK.

You need to attend conferences and see what competitors are doing. You need to know your market. You need to research on your industry and what's working and what's not working. Run a quirky campaign for example. Look at this, Tripping. This is hysterical. They wrote something really really funny down there. For April Fools Day thing, the basic thing is they're going to stop pedestrians all over Golden Gate Bridge. What happened, it was just fun. I was fun, we're going to make some changes for public safety and we're going to basically stop, it was just, and the government got really annoyed and said I'm sorry but this is not a joke. We are really annoyed about this because some people think that the Golden Gate Bridge is actually being banned for pedestrians. So Tripping then had to go back, the company to say, it was a joke. Get over it. It's like a you say, so what they've come up with a similarly worthy comment. Nicolas Cage doesn't also have poisonous gas in his missiles stored on Alcatraz. That's something to do with the rock. It's just ridiculous but it actually got them really nice publicity and it got them really nice attention.

For example, you're a local baker. Give away some samples to your local business neighbors. They'll appreciate it. This is very very simple for like local businesses and for local residents. If you've got an online business, you make a mess. Like Airbnb when their house was a complete disaster and trashed. Put in new tactics to combat this and make it transparent. Read the competition on Facebook or Twitter. Create new slogans and designs. So we're going to get back to like the Airbnb situation. And we read that really really quickly. You've got something like on the Facebook one. First the Airbnb, a house was trashed, I think it was about a year and a half ago. The house, I mean the woman, this was just absolutely atrocious. Airbnb immediately on the case. We now have insurance and it's going to be mandatory, we're not going to be doing security and screen checks.

Some people get their homes trashed, no. They made it transparent. People then really liked it. It reinforced the like of Airbnb, and it didn't really create a massive blip in the business. It was negative publicity turned into positive.

Your slogans, we do for Thanksgiving and for Mothers Day and different holiday seasons, we do promotions on our website with a logo,  changes with different kinds of things. You promote that on social media. That was the last part that I mentioned where we are promoting like Mothers Day and Fathers Day and the Fourth of July, etc. Keep these things consistent. It's very easy way to be able to do this one.

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Vishnu Kumar commented on a post on Blogger.
Today is the roll out of Google's new mobile friendly design change. As Google states it, websites that are mobile friendly will likely rank higher in Google's mobile search results. Great, Excited for this new update. Mobile un-friendly sites ready to get lose big amount of your business

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Do you ever meet the people you befriend online (or prospects you found online) in person?

I have a few business friends that I met online that I've also met in person, but not very many. But I haven't actually met many online customers in person. (Partially because our customers are all over the US and the world). I thought this article was pretty thought provoking on this subject.

What about you?

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Is Google+ Dying a Slow Death?

Many, including +Travis Wright at Marketing Land, believes Google+ as a social media platform is now dead. 

Some believe this because Google has split the photos and streams post in two .... but, so what? 
And Google is trying to buyout Twitter, so that would only boost the viability of Google+ (how, that remains to be seen.

What does anyone in this community think about the possibility of Google abandoning Google + ?

Here's Travis' post on the matter:

#Googleplus   #socialmediamarketing   #Google    #GooglePlusdying  

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Being social with a great positive engagement isn’t a new way of marketing; it’s a way of doing business. Follow these simple tips and you will be leading the way.
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