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It's been a while, but I have a new track for you --

Maybe 2017 will be a better year for my productivity. We shall see.

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"The Chemical Brothers are ambivalent about EDM. On the one hand, they are firmly in favour of young people having fun on dancefloors. On the other, they don’t like the grim efficiency of what Rowlands calls “pie-chart music”.

“We played in America recently and every record sounded like [Italian DJ/producer] Benny Benassi,” says Simons. “I know that sounds like your dad wandering into Top of the Pops and saying it all sounds the same, but it did all sound the same. There’s just one feeling: very triumphant, very celebratory. We like the sense that you go through different experiences.”

“The one-dimensional sound is quite effective but it doesn’t seem to have that magical, transporting quality,” says Rowlands. He shrugs." [1]

So much truth. I hate going to a club and hearing what amounts to the same song for hours on end. I want the DJ/act to take me on a journey. Bring together disparate aspects into a cohesive whole that shouldn't be. That's what I attempted in my Power Destroyer mix[2].

Variety is more enjoyable than monotony.

[1] --
[2] --

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A while back I got an odd follow on SoundCloud. It was from a lady whose music is way different than my own. I don't know if she was just out looking for "follow backs," but damn her stuff was good. So I did follow back. It looks like she got signed to a label recently (whom also decided to follow me, more odd) and they are putting out some of her tracks for free download. Go get 'em:

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If I pay for a service then I expect that service to be advertisement free. But +SoundCloud decided, about half-way through my last service term, that they would show "promoted tracks"[1] to everyone, including paying members. As a result, I didn't renew my account and it regressed to the free version yesterday, April 27.

I'll be moving to HearThis.At as my primary "social" audio platform -- . They don't pester the people willing to pay them by pushing advertisements in their face.

To get my account rolling, aside from my long uploaded test track, I have uploaded my remix of +Tricil's track "Restrung" --

I'll be posting more there shortly.

[1] --

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I spent the last week working on a new remix. The original track is by +Tricil and is titled "Restrung". Download the original from his BandCamp page --

I really enjoyed working on this remix. I haven't really been inspired to work on anything for months, and was starting to think I could only work on music if I'm not taking an anti-depressant. But this remix showed me it's still possible.

Anyway, the remix is mainly new drums, a derivation of the outro as an intro (in combination with a rework of one of the breaks), and a custom Sub 37 patch. I created the patch and then jammed on two of the original MIDI clips, creating the two Sub 37 basslines in one take each. To round it out, I twisted up the original theme, the guitar, with some glitchy goodness and time stretched weirdness.

Enjoy --

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And..... bam! New music --

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Some new music for your February evening. Enjoy!

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My new EP is out today! Get it at

Don't forget to share this post with your Circles :)

In preparation for The B EP being released on the 31st, has received a makeover with assistance from +Chris Baldwin . There's still some work to do, but it's a helluva lot better than it was.

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I'm releasing a new non-free EP on the 31st. In the mean time, I'm releasing this free one.
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