In today's session, my players boiled the tent of a powerful witch in order to make an ingredient of Milk of the Crone; they need the Milk of the Crone in order to ritually contact Yeenoghu, the demon princess of gnolls, in order to find a way to lift a ghoul curse she laid on one the players.

As a consequence of releasing hundreds of years of magical witch smoke at once, the cauldron they were using grew a face, arms and legs, stood up, started screaming "oh no!" and busting through walls. Since I figured they would chase it down to subdue it, I prepared a random table to determine what happens when somebody gets the cauldron's liquid on them. I stole an idea from The Dungeon Dozen by +Jason Sholtis and let a player peruse all of my notes (campaign binder, a tablet with all my stuff in Evernote, and the pocket notebook I carry with me) for 30 seconds after some fluid got in her character's mouth.

The effect was like drinking from a firehose and I don't think she actually gleaned any info!

I'm curious, has anyone else done anything meta like this in their games?
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