Editorial calendars focus your content marketing efforts.

Don't rest your content creation on inspiration.

It's a nice thought, but it's not realistic. I write, on average, 10,000 words every week for businesses, brands, and causes. If I waited to be inspired, I'd be in trouble.

One way to organize your content flow is to create an editorial calendars. You benefit because...

1. You take the guess work out of what you will write.
2. You avoid placing too much emphasis on one thing instead of providing a balance across several areas of influence.
3. You make it easier to hire freelance writers.
4. You can follow a predetermined plan and know that you're moving forward, whether or not it actually feels like that.
5. You can more closely align core business cycles with content that will support your client engagement process.

Are you shooting in the dark with your content development plan, or are you confident your systematically building a content ecosystem around your core business goals and objectives?

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