I've mentioned a few times in the past that I'm working on a site like Hacker News (http://news.ycombinator.com), but for marketers who focus on content, search, social and conversion (inbound). My partner in this venture is none other than +Dharmesh Shah (who's awesome), and it's not for-profit or formally connected to Hubspot or Moz (just something we felt the community needed).

The site is nearly done, but I need some volunteers to help out seeding the content for a couple weeks, trying out the features, starting to comment on posts, etc.

If you fit the following criteria:
- Have a Twitter account (we're using Twitter for authentication)
- Regularly find great news/articles from the world of inbound that you think others should see
- Have a few minutes every 3-4 hours to come by for a visit, submit stuff and comment with others
- Are passionate about making the world of marketing a better place
- Can restrain yourself from manipulation, spam, self-interested submissions or voting :-)

Please drop me a line via email - rand at seomoz dot org - and we'll get an email list going (note that it may take me a few days to reply to the emails). Thanks very much!

Hope to have something cool and exciting launched in the next couple weeks :-)
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