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Creating your dream life doesn't come with a user manual...its all try and error, but failure is feedback. They say fail fast, fail often. The faster you fail the quicker you learn...that's only path to success.

You are always going to be your worst critic, and your mind is going to be y our greatest enemy to try and set you back and feed you insecurities that are not realities. Everyone has a demon in one way shape or form. You have the power within you.

Don't be afraid to burn. Life is too short, and the world is wide.

#TravelingThroughLife #SeeTheWorld #WalkWithMe #TravelBug #Travelers #Travel #SelfDoubt #Inspire #Motivate #TravelMotivation #TravelInspiration #Heidelberg #Germany #Deutchland

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Hello Everyone, I am new to travel blogging, and am currently in Portugal and will be in Europe until October. Check out my travel blog to follow me along. I am going to be focusing on volunteering abroad, sustainable travel/ eco tourism and life philosophies and self discovery!


#WomenWhoTravel #SoloTravel #TravelLife #ShesNotLost #TravelBug #TravelDiary #TravelPhilosophies

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Hello everyone! I am new to the travel blog world, but have recently started. If you are interested in following my journey, or have any feed back I would appreciate it.

I am trying to focus on environmentally conscious traveling, volunteering abroad philosophies of life and self discovery. I am currently in POrtugal and will be in Europe until October!

#SoloTravel #WomenWhoTravel #TravelLife #TravelingThroughLife #EcoTourism #TravelDiary #TravelPhilosophies #Travel

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Today was a good day; and it made me appreciate the path I've been on since I learned what a path was. I can appreciate the good days because I have had many bad days.Traveling through life is hard, but in such a beautiful way.

Do you struggle with mental health, maybe some solo travel is what you need. Check out my recent blog!

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Hey everyone! I am new to the travel blogging! I quit my job two weeks ago and leave for Europe next week for the next 4 months to see where this leads me!

Follow my Facebook page and find me on Instagram! Any tips would be appreciated!

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Take off is in one week. Take the risk or you'll lose the chance.
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