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Genealogy and the use of the word Legacy
Certain words get overused and thereby lose the meaning. In the genealogical community, the word "legacy" is used in a variety of ways to both name software products and to describe other software products. Mind you, I am not picking on any particular produ...

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The GPO and Genealogy
The United States Government is a prolific publisher. Here is a short description of their operations from the website. The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) is the Federal Government’s official, digital, secure resource for producing, procuri...

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Utah Ghost Towns: Knightville
Not being among those who are stopped by cold and windy days, we decided to take a trip out the West Desert of Utah to visit some ghost towns. The first was the most difficult to find. It is called Knightsville and was a mining town in the late 1800s. This ...

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Family History and Handbook 2
Clear back in about 1998, I recall when the General Church Handbooks of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were divided into two paper copies. Handbook 1 was distributed to Bishops and Stake Presidents and Handbook 2 had a wider distribution to...

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Porter Rockwell Cabin
This is the authentic Porter Rockwell Cabin. It has been moved from Cherry Creek where it was built in about 1867 to the main street of Eureka, Utah. We have driven through the town quite a few times, but never stopped to look at the old cabin. Porter Rockw...

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Ethics, Leaks, Sources and Genealogy
A Deseret News article published on February 18, 2017, entitled, " MormonLeaks in the Age of Transparency " raises some difficult issues that bear directly on the information provided or not provided in the context of online family tree programs and especia...

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One of the exhibits at RootsTech 2917 caught my eye because it was being run by some old friends from Mesa, Arizona. But the real interest came when the programs were explained to me. The first is an app called, "Called to Serve." Here is a screenshot of th...

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The Old and the New
On the extreme left-hand side of this rock art panel, you can see some faint writing that dates back only a few years. All petroglyphs in the Southwest United States are protected by law, but there are still some people who feel that their right to expressi...

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Genealogy in the Court Room: State of Hawai'i v. Kuhia
This particular lawsuit involves a problem that I encounter regularly but in this case the issues have been carried to an extreme. Genealogists occasionally get "carried away" in pursuing an unobtainable objective. These objectives sometimes involve "provin...

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My Legacy of Refugees
Names (left to right). First row: Ove Oveson, George Jarvis, Ann Prior Jarvis, Sidney Tanner. Second row: Mayflower pilgrims Richard Warren, Francis Cooke, John Cooke; Rebecca Hill Pettit, Edwin Pettit, Archibald Newell Hill and son Samuel. Third row: Isabe...
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