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The Complete Management Solution for Masjid/Mosque & Madrasah/Religious School.
The Complete Management Solution for Masjid/Mosque & Madrasah/Religious School.


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Madaris are the most indigenous education institutions in Islam, and are facing major administrative challenges such as reporting on student’s progress, taking daily attendance, recording exam marks and an effective communication with parents. All through inefficient paper works and other scattered solutions, resulting in teachers’ unable to spent more time to provide quality education. As well as every Masjid today have issue reaching and publishing important information such as events and prayer time changes to the community members.

An efficient, converged educational and communication tool is an essential constituent need of an entrenched Muslim society today

Introducing “Ad-Din”… Mobile & Web App, the state of the art cloud based Masjid & Madrasah Management system. Revolutionizing the way Masajid and Madaris operates. “Ad-Din” provides you with enterprise Class Role Based portfolio, packed with quality modules so you can gain real time insight of your Masjid & Madrasah activities and students’ progress . With the power of automated push notifications and quality Reports you can support better decision making, execute your day to day administrative tasks effectively and efficiently anywhere anytime. “Ad-Din” is available on your mobile, tablet and your laptop.

Whatever your challenge is with Masjid or Madrasah management, we have it all in a single solution, right at your fingertips. So what are you waiting for, download your “Ad-Din” App to get started now!
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What’s in it

The Complete Solution for Masjid/Mosque and Madrasah/Religious School Management

“Ad-Din Mobile & Web App” features a lot more while addressing above issues.


• Masjid
o Masjid Finder: Find & follow nearby Masjid, view local prayer times, facilities, gallery & get direction
o Prayer Times: Accurate prayer times of your local home & Followed Masajid. Automatic location based prayer times when travelling.
o About Home Masjid: An about article describing your Home Masjid
o Staff Directory: Complete staff list with their biography
o Facility Details: List of all the facilities & amenities
o Gallery: Elegance gallery to post your Masjid/Madrasah pictures.
o Masjid Role Based Access: General User, Admin Portal, Staff & Volunteer
o Masjid Dashboard
o Masjid Admin Portal to manage it all from either an App or Web

• Madrasah
o Introduction
 Program Details & Subject: View available Programs & Subjects at your Local Home Madrasah
 Signup for a Program: Apply for a Program online
 Alumni: View list of Alumni & their verdicts
 Staff List: View Staff list & their biography
 Class Routine: Class & Teacher Routine by terms
o Madrasah Role Based Access: Admin Portal, Teacher Portal, Parent Portal & Student Portal featuring
 Dashboard: General, Today, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly status
 Class / Class Section: Class Capacity, Students by Section, Class Teacher
 Subjects: Subject teachers, Syllabus, Author
 Attendance, Class & Subject wise attendance
 Manage Exam Marks by student or subjects
 Library Circulation, Acquisition, Categories, Locations
 Migration: Migrate students between Class
 Fee Payments: Define fees & frequency by class & keep track of their payment status
 Assignments: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Assignment with sophisticated Quran or Standard Picker, auto deduct marks by mistakes & capture behaviour per assignment cycle
 Recognitions: Capture recognitions such as “Student of the Month”
 Delegations: Record delegations for teachers on leave
 Alumni Verdict allows students to record their verdict, subject to admin approval
 Parent-Teacher Interview: Organize & remind of the parent teacher interview electronically
 Holidays
 Grade
 Exams
 Reports

• The Holy Quran (Al Qur'an)

• Messages
o Automatic triggered based email & push notification
o Admin of an organization can send messages via email & Push Notification to Volunteers, Staff, Followers, Parents or Student of a specific Class/section (SMS is coming soon)
o Users can filter messages by Organization & further filter by Sent, Read, Unread, Flagged or Deleted

• Events
o See what’s happening today around you, how many are going to & interested of some events
o View & share the events, flag your interest or bookmark for later
o My Calendar, bookmarked & Filtered views of events
o Get push & email notified of events

• Carpool
o View or Add your carpool listing
o Reply, Accept or Reject the carpool offers

• Ideas
o Post your ideas of features that you want to see in Ad-Din & ask for votes
o Most voted ideas will be considered & implemented in the upcoming releases.

• Live Streaming: YouTube Channel & Mixlr audio integration

• "Tasbih" to count your dhikr

• Qiblah compass & map to show you the direction to Qabah in Mecca

• CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Coming Soon

• LMS (Learning Management Solution): Coming Soon

“Ad-Din” Everywhere you go”

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Ad-Din Mobile & Web App for Masjid/Madrasah and Muslims.
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