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Thank you Stephan.. I hope you don't mind but I share it on my FB as well. Have a great holidays : )
Children know best! What else can I say...

PS: For all the uber adults, gun lovers, teachers or preachers, this note is not a discussion about "do guns or men kill", it's also not a political statement, nor an accurate reflection of the real worlds problems. Take it for what it is: A innocent wish for less violence and a generally friendlier world ;)

By the way, I was sent this by email, so I can't say for certain if this was indeed written by a child, but I find the thought worth sharing regardless. If you love or hate guns, I honestly don't care and I also don't take sides. I simply take the deeper meaning of this letter, and if you feel so, translate it into a more educated version, something along the lines of: "Dear higher power (whatever this might be), please go around and pick up all trolls, idiots, dangerous and violent people, and make this a better place". That's as naive as the letter, but a beautiful thought nevertheless.
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