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Three hunters stopped at a hotel. They decided to save money by sharing a room. When they explained to the desk clerk that they wanted to share a room, he consulted his price list and then told them that the room would cost them $30.00 for one night.

Each of the hunters handed him $10.00. The clerk gave them a receipt and the key to the room, telling them that the room was located at the top of the stairs--first door on the right.

The hunters had no sooner reached their room when the clerk remembered that the rooms were going at a reduced rate for the rest of the month.

He should have only charged them $25.00 for the room.

He called for a bell boy to come to the desk. When the bell boy arrived, the clerk handed him five one dollar bills and told him to take it to the hunters and apologize for the mistake.

The bell boy headed up the stairs with the money in his hand. On the way up, he looked around to see if anyone was watching him, then stuffed two of the dollars in his pocket. He was sure no one would ever know.

He knocked on the door, explained to the hunters that the clerk had accidentally overcharged them--then handed them the remaining three one dollar bills.

Let's get this straight.

The clerk charged them $30.00.
The hunter's each gave him $10.00 (3x10=30).
The bell boy kept $2.00
The bell boy gave the hunters $3.00
(So they really paid $9.00 each for the room)
$9.00 x 3 = $27.00
Plus the $2.00 kept by the bell boy = $29.00

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It is all in how the question is asked.

When the friends paid $10 dollars, they had paid $30 in total.

When the Cashier gave $5 dollars to the Waiter, the 3 friends had paid $25 to the Cashier and $5 to the Waiter.

When the Waiter returns 3 dollars, the 3 friends had paid $25 to the Cashier and $2 to the Waiter. $25+$2 = $27 = 3 x $9.
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Seema Khan

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Hey Friends,

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