Sometimes, as an ex-pat, I bitterly regret not having access to British TV programmes. This item, the BBC TV drama "Bodyguard", is a case in point.

Here is the opening paragraph of the linked Telegraph review, just for starters:

"The BBC's new political thriller Bodyguard has kept viewers on tenterhooks with high octane dramatic sequences, political rivalries and a racy romance between its stellar lead actors, Keely Hawes and Richard Madden. Now its viewing figures have confirmed that the series is one of the most-watched TV dramas in recent history."

Well, that, and the rest of the review, has certainly piqued my interest!
I have never seen Keely Hawes act in anything that was other than excellent. Mind you, I confess that I fancy her enormously so that clearly is an influencer for me.
I suppose all you chaps and chappesse's over there in Blighty have already seen it, so making this post redundant. However, if not, and you are like-minded, I suggest that you give it a whirl. Meanwhile, I can only stand helplessly, and bereft of a view of Ms. Hawes, on the sidelines......
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