I bought a Roku streaming device about six months ago, used it for a few weeks at the outset, then did not use it again until this past week. In recent days I have been using it to watch the Swedish TV series, Wallender. Previously I have watched, and enjoyed, the British TV version of Wallender, but only Series 1 and 2.
In short, I am enjoying the Swedish versions a lot, and am getting to watch them free because of my library membership. The Roku channel that provides the series is Kanopy and, through the library's largesse, I can watch up to 8 films each month without incurring any charges.

As anyone who is reading this is probably aware, the TV productions and films are closely based upon the Wallender crime novels written by the Swedish author, the late Henning Mankell. As I have got older I have grown increasingly averse to watching, or reading about, all forms of excessive violence. It must be said that the Swedish productions are in that category. However, I am finding the stories very gripping and their pervasive darkness is something I can accept, albeit in small measures.

On a separate but related technical topic, when I first started using the Roku player I noticed that the colours rendered on my old telly via the Roku were muddy and desaturated and therefore somehow in tune withe darkness of the Wallender narrative. But in the past few days the colour has suddenly been gloriously saturated and bright, making me realize that the Wifi signal strength may just have been on the threshold of adequate. So I have now finely adjusted the positions of the Roku and the Wi-fi router and am hoping that this technical wizardry will give me consistently good reception.
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