Lucky, lucky Britons, to be able to watch this series on the telly! I hope it is of the same quality as The Night Manager. No doubt I shall be able to watch it later on a DVD.

Here is an extract from the linked article, as a taster:
"Speaking ahead of the première of the new series at the BFI London Film Festival, the author said: "I want it to be a different kind of success, we may not have such a vast audience but I think we will have a very thoughtful one, a very grateful one, because it's a beautiful, slow, evolving story.

"With The Night Manager we all fell in love with Roper, the villain. Hugh Laurie enchanted us all, all you wanted to be was Hugh Laurie if you're a man, if you're this lady (played by Florence Pugh) you're not thinking, 'I wish it were me', you're thinking, 'Thank god it's not me'."

The Little Drummer Girl tells the story of Charlie, a British actress, dragged into the murky world of espionage after a holiday romance with an Israeli intelligence officer, played by Alexander Skarsgård."
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