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Barbara Saunders
Freelance writer pursuing the American dream with a vengeance
Freelance writer pursuing the American dream with a vengeance

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I'm crowdfunding a journalism project via the new platform Inkshares about the Messianic Judaism movement-- Jews who believe in Jesus (but not "Jews for Jesus"), which now includes hundreds of congregations worldwide, mostly in the U.S. and Israel.  I think it's a super interesting story that has received scant attention in the U.S., although the Israeli press has covered it.

I've already talked with some of this growing movement's leading voices, and would love to finish the story. If you want to be part of the adventure and get the inside scoop, please donate! The regular / basic level donation is just $3, so we're not talking a lot here, and anything you want to give would help.

Also, please let me know any suggestions you have for whom else I might speak to about this topic.


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"I want you to envy me my joy."

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Read my piece in the Huffington Post about how writing a strong female protagonist in a film about science made me an "inadvertent feminist."

Special thanks to +Megg Jensen,  +Kerry Kolbe, +Odin Ozdil+Renée Aubern, Laura Reizman, Andeep Singh, and my science advisor +Joan Marler for their invaluable input.

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This Cuddles has been waiting for a home for a long time. He looks so sweet.

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Photos from homecoming 2004
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Perspective: is getting less than an A really this important?
A Harvard student from South Korea has been charged with sending bomb threats that closed much of the university, all so he could get out of a final exam. The student allegedly used an anonymous email service, and then Tor to hide his IP address--yet still was caught. Here's the FBI affidavit explaining how he was found.

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Barbara Saunders commented on a post on Blogger.
This is a great post. Something I think that we forget: We don't learn not to let these PIA clients go from nowhere. And it's not a matter of low self-esteem, either. There are a bazillion books for employees about how to "deal with difficult people," "manage up," "improve soft skills." In fact, there are job scenarios where it is impossible to distance oneself from PIAs.

We learn to confuse "professionalism" with "deferring to disrespectful people." Hooray for entrepreneurship! 

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Look for me at 9:32. I look so young!

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Fascinating take on writing and cognition from an analyst at the CIA

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This is a stunning chronicle of a writer-editor relationship over the course of generating a book. 
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