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+James Walls​ my son played in your Star Wars game at GaryCon, and has been raving about it since... Just wanted to say thanks for running what sounded like an awesome game!

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Gotta say #garycon was amazing. Everyone was so nice and easy to get along with. Met some cool people and spent way too much money - but got some amazing products!
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Had a blast running Hole in the Sky this afternoon. Six players and 24 0-level PCs. Of them, only ten survived, but she-who-shall-not-be-named was freed, and the Titan slain. 

Any S&W fans going to Gary Con this year? I didn't see many events available, but was hoping to run a game Thursday night in the open gaming hall. Any takers?

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I'm not an artist by any means, but having fun at lunch, working up a +Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game​ style map for an adventure.

Ran my first funnel last night and had a blast. "And They Served Brandolyn Red". Had 3 players with 4 PCs each and they surprised me with some really good rolls. Only 5 died by the time they had retrieved Horts head. All in all a great time!

Question about going from 0 - 1st level. Is levelling immediate? If during a funnel a pc gets 10xp do they immediately jump to first level or do you finish the funnel then apply xp?

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Relatively new to DCC and had a question. Our group is big into mega dungeons, but most of the modules I've seen for DCC are pretty short crawls. How well does the system hold up to an extended crawl? 
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