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Hm, been watching Dr Who for about 35 of its 50 years ...
Hm, been watching Dr Who for about 35 of its 50 years ...

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This could be the best endorsement a democratic candidate has had in years! 😆

North Korea praises Trump and urges US voters to reject 'dull Hillary'

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Well, I for one would love to see it continue somewhere. 

Just picked the game up ... down to $20 at local Walmart.  Then a 17.4GB update file!  Good thing I picked it up after work and had to go to sleep anyway.  Will have to wait 'til tomorrow after work to actually try anything in it.  Too bad my GT6 DFGT wheel isn't PS4 compatible.  :-(

New to the community ... but not necessarily to homebrew.  

Just as a brief introduction:  I've been brewing for a couple years now, but still do extract only.  I may move on to all grain in the future, but my current setup doesn't even let me do full-boil 5 gal. batches, so I definitely need / want to upgrade my size capacity before adding mashing to my brew days.

Recently added a 1 gal setup to my collection, just so I CAN do full boils.  It also cuts down the time requirements since the smaller volume both heats and cools quicker.

Currently don't have anything drinkable (busy summer ... little time for brewing) but have my first cider batch in the 1G primary, with a pumpkin ale and spiced holiday ale lined up behind it.  If I time it right, each one should be ready to be "seasonally appropriate."

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Another Dr Who / Gotham synchronicity:

Not only do they have Sean Pertwee looking quite a lot like his dad, but IMO their Catwoman ... uh, Cat anyway, could pass for Nyssa's sister!
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I have noticed something odd in Minecraft.

I've got all the PS3 texture packs. They appear to be supported with the Vita Edition (i. e. they render correctly) but my game won't save. It opens a dialog to purchase the "full" version (so much for THAT as cross-buy), but they're apparently not in the store yet so the only option is to abort the save. 😢

I just discovered the game via a pop-up on another app. From there, I joined the community to find out about the game. I gotta ask - is it always full of spam and people who think it's about some sort of REAL religious enlightenment? 

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Now that I have one, I definitely want it to have all the support it can get.
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