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Stephanie Marie
I keep all I can call my own in the bags beneath my eyes
I keep all I can call my own in the bags beneath my eyes

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our new family member
Since it seems like we're completely snowed in here in Massachusetts, I might as well finally do a post about our newest family member. In February of 2014 my dog Sophia passed away from heart failure. It was sudden, but yet expected. It's been almost a yea...

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currently: january twenty six two thousand fifteen
[ recent photos from a random photoshoot ] I seemed to have forgotten to even do a simple post letting the wastelands of cyberspace know what I've been up to. I won't even say lately, as it's been 9 months since I've even posted something remotely like this...

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2015: looking forward
Whenever a new year starts, I always make the decision to forfeit any idea of making a resolution and to instead focus on mini goals. Goals that perhaps I wasn't able to accomplish the year before, or just small things I'd like to do more of. Since the star...

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January 30, 2013
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2014: a quick recap
  Every so often a year happens and I don’t even remember it
happening. I guess 2014 can be summed up as that year for me. I know it
happened, but there’s only a few things that stand out.  The Good    + My business has taken on a life of its own and triple...
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