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A Mother of Three
It took us a painfully long time to name our newest daughter (nearly a whole day!), and because I don't want all that deliberation to go to waste, her blog name will be Addie, which is a nickname for our runner-up name. I never understood the appeal of shar...

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Quiet Moments
I've been a mother long enough to know that when your child is missing and being quiet, it means that messy mischief is most certainly going on. (Last week, it was large bottles of baby powder emptied  on the floor and two guilty children.) But sometimes, a...

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Mr. Four
As of last week, we have a four-year-old living at the Pieper residence. But this is not just any four-year-old, as he informed me during his annual birthday interview ( see age 3 ), he is a biker now. And I should have believed him, all the signs were plai...

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A Little Love Day Party
Do you know what I bet everyone LOVES to see? Pictures of other people's kids. This is probably a slight exaggeration(with some sarcasm), but I'm sharing anyway because these are the little people I love. And you should love them too. I  don't know how it h...

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Temple Going
We take our weekends pretty seriously around here. With Joseph's busy season in its full tumultuous swing, our one day of pure bliss and Pieper family do-whatever-we-want-day is Saturday.  L ast Saturday we filled to the rim with library, Target, Krispy Kre...

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Mom in the Frame Project
After completing another 365 project last year, I felt a little burned out. I love photography of course but the daily task of photographing, editing, and then posting can get overwhelming day after day.  When 2016 rolled around, I wasn't sure what I wanted...

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The Doctor is In
never been one to put much effort into holidays (besides Christmas and birthdays), but after seeing J's
eyes light up when we hung paper bats from the light fixture , I decided
to change my ways. He exclaimed, "We have a Halloween house!" with so

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Miss Ellie: Month Ten
Dearest Ellie Dear, Ten words to describe you at ten months: Toothless Here we are at ten months and still waiting for those two front teeth to arrive. But you don't let that stop your sampling of just about anything the family is eating. Predator Your brot...

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Miss Ellie: Months Eight & Nine
Dear Miss Ellie, I remember keeping track of and always waiting for the next milestone with your brother. I was so excited for him to begin rolling, crawling, walking! It was all so new and so exciting.  But with you, my darling dear, I find myself wanting ...

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Mr. Three
This interview was administered at the kitchen table during snack time. J was in an especially silly mood and so every answer was sprinkled with giggles. I did not transcribe the giggles because "ha ha" would not have done them justice. These photographs we...
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