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A parabola thought: good weird is better than good normal, and bad weird isn't as bad as bad normal ( e.g. getting out of a rut starts with a variance, and a variance isn't as likely to wear a new rut, or Barney Madoff didn't screw as many people as a million mismanaged mortgages, or getting your diet on track) . 

Ideas are like syptoms. You can ignore them, watch their development, do something about them, just write them down for future reference, show them to your mom to see what she thinks, or get a professional opinion. I suspect we treat most symptoms with much more respect than we give our ideas.After all, patent lawyers know how much thier prescriptions cost.

Just a thought. When we're all in a place where we're wishing things could be different, it's likely to be helpful to find out what was so fun getting there.

Hm. The only criteria you can use for searching for a person on G+ is name. My crystal ball says change is coming soon. (Isn't that a sweet way to say something sucks? :P )
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