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Do I need to backup again once a new address is used?

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Elk nadeel heb z'n voordeel!!

How on earth is it posible that WiFi is the item with the highest power consumption in the battery stats while it is turned off? (Moto X Play running 6.0)

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Just have Moto X play for a day. So far pretty happy with it. I have my doubt with 2 day battery life. I have now 3 hours of screen time with graph below. The big surprise for me is that wifi is taking 19% of the battery juice. This seems very high to me. With Moto X 2013 I always had wifi on but it was usually just taking a few percent.

Anybody has explanation for this or some tip on how to reduce wifi battery drain

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Wow. This app streaming is pretty cool. Would be even better if every app would just move to html5 and that html5 woulf be battery and resource efficient.

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Translation in any android app is a very cool feature. Google now make your keyboard such that it knows the language that I am typing and hence gives me suggestions/corrections for the right language immediately

ChromeOS is great. What I don't understand why apps like gmail, drive etc open as a tab in the browser window. Why don't they open like an app like for instance google keep does

Update to Android 5.1 taking almost 2 hours while it was announced that it would take around 10 minutes. I have 154 apps installed. Upgrading each app took in total around an hour. But the phase before where you see the green android also took about an hour. Is this normal?

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+David Schuster+Salim Awad​ Motorola has started roll out of 5.1 on the Moto X1 in Chile on +Movistar Chile​ . Weird that +Motorola Chile could not tell me 4 days ago when the update was coming.

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Cord cutting is happening!!! 
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