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Behind The Curtain of the 2 Penny Theater
Behind The Curtain of the 2 Penny Theater


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Blender Ate My Homework.
The footage was shot about a month ago. I'm not in the habit of storyboarding, so trying to tell a story out of the footage I did take was something akin to wrangling kittens. Plus, my infant son doesn't feel the need to nap as much as he did. Plus, other t...

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Thoughts on Record Store Day 2016

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Quick announcement...coming in just a wee bit too late.

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Thoughts On Unboxing
The downside of not having a plan for your YouTube channel is that you tend to post less frequently than that of someone who crank out "Let's Plays" on a daily basis. This is a fact that veteran YouTubers and content providers will point out with almost as ...

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New video released! 

Not really sure if I want to unbox all the time. Not sure what my channel will be about regardless. 

In any case, I just wanted to share that I got something that I wanted for a long time, while creating something of sustenance at the same time.

Thank you for watching.

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This took longer than it should have. But on the plus side, I can finally get back down to writing something down.

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A mashup of Classics. 

I found this very satisfying.

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I'm reposting this as a daily reminder of how much Facebook sucks. 

Thank you, that is all. Continue with your day.

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On Rabbit Holes and Finding Lost Things

After giving it a decent amount of thought and research, I set out to answer the question: "Which is better to #write   #fiction  or #nonfiction  . Not sure if I completely answered it, and perhaps this is one where the answer is simply "It depends" accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders. 

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Months in the making, weeks of trashing it and starting over again. Finally, the 2 Penny Theater is open for business again. This time with better editing and an END SLATE!!! With...INFORMATION...cooooolll!

I still have no idea what this channel will about. I think I'll just keep talking until something strikes. Since I've been writing this summer, I decided to ponder the subject of writing for a living and ask the question of which is better to make a living out of, Fiction or Nonfiction. If you've made a living out of either of these, let me know down in the comments. Thanks for watching, and as always, thank you for stopping by the 2 Penny Theater.
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