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The Nerdy Girlie
Sharing tips for San Diego Comic Con + everything else nerdy & girlie!
Sharing tips for San Diego Comic Con + everything else nerdy & girlie!

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5 Fandom Friday Prompts: June 2017
Who is ready for summer? I know I sure am! To get ready for it, I've added a few fun summer-y prompts for you! Thank you to my friends who contributed to this month's list! If you'd like to submit a suggestion, leave one in the comments below! I LOVE using ...

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Late To Beatlemania + My Beatles Playlist
Do you ever wish you could time travel to a particular time and place? Of course you do, you are nerds! Time travel is our thing. Me? As of now, I'd love to go back to the sixties! 1961. Liverpool, England. I was never a fan of The Beatles. I didn't dislike...

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Loote Crate's Dream Crate: The Nerdy Girlie Version
When Loote Crate contacted me to create my DREAM crate...I couldn't think of anything else but an amazing San Diego Comic Con adventure! Everything I've ever dreamed about for a SDCC is in my crate below! But as you long as I can see all of my fav...

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Everyday Cosplay: May the 4th Be With YOU!
(Insert Imperial Death March here) It’s gonna be May and that means….MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! Every year on May the 4th, Star Wars fans from across the galaxy unite for a celebration in all things Star Wars. We even move on into the 5th, with May the 5th...

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#CANTCLUTCHTHIS April: Life is Rainbows!!
If you haven't watched my Facebook LIVE might be wondering why my life is all rainbows at the moment! WELL....... 100 Cups of Coffee was submitted to an agent along with my very first proposal! She is reading it as we speak! I'm trying not to get...

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5 Fandom Friday May 2017
Hey Nerds! Can anyone else relate to life getting super hectic?! Work, writing...relaxing?  So sorry that April got away from me but here are some requested 5 Fandom Friday prompts for the month of May! Friday May 5th, 2017 - Favorite Retro Video Games {fro...

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My VERY 1st Facebook LIVE!!
I did a thing nerds! It was tough and I defiantly felt like crying the entire time....BUT it went well and thank you for watching! If you haven't seen the video yet, you can watch it below! Life is good! Everyone have a lovely weekend!! LOVE YOU NERDS!! PS!...

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4 Tips For A Successful Record Store Day
By:   @TillieElvrum  aka  The Music Maven Record Store Day is almost here!!!!!! I have been a record collector for as far back as I can remember. I remember every turntable I’ve ever had and the records I played on them. The little portable record player wi...

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Everyday Cosplay: SDCC Blue Spinning Circle
SO who is going through SDCC ticket sales?! I have to re-apply for press I so I just got to sit back and root you on! If you don't get tickets in Pre-reg, there is always the general sale. And if that doesn't go well for you either, I always say that just b...

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: How I Help Myself Feel
"Resist, insist, persist, enlist." - Hilary Clinton Meet Revolar Instinct. For the first time last year I was living alone.  I was alone in two big cities, LA and Denver, dating for the first time.  I was taking Lyft's by myself, going on coffee dates and c...
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