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The Nerdy Girlie
Sharing tips for San Diego Comic Con + everything else nerdy & girlie!
Sharing tips for San Diego Comic Con + everything else nerdy & girlie!

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6 Ways To Benefit From Alone Time
Ocean Eyes and I have been living together for a 7 months now! WOW I cannot believe it has been that long! If you read my post about why I'm not at SDCC this year, you know I needed a mental break. If not  check it out  and come back! This week I've left fo...

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Why SDCC Is No Longer For Me...
Happy Preview Night Nerds. Sorry I won't be there with you. After my trip to Jackson, WY I returned home and immediately got to work prepping for my trip to SDCC 2017. I outfit planned, I had my Annual Instagram Photo Hunt ready, my new business cards {desi...

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Wedding Fashion & FEELZ
Almost a year ago, I attended my very first wedding since my divorce. It was rough . Two years later, I'm at my second wedding and guess what? I couldn't be happier. It is Ocean Eye's sister's wedding. We are on a secluded ranch in the Wyoming wilderness, i...

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San Diego Comic Con Photo Hunt 2017
As you all MIGHT know, I have a lil obsession with an app called  Instagram . I adore all the photo a day challenges users create. So in  2013  I decided to make one for my MOST favorite time of the year San Diego Comic Con!!! 2014 was the second year  and ...

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HAPPY Embrace You Geekness Day!
July 13th is known as Embrace Your Geekness Day! Did you know that?! Me either! Thanks to Sam over on SingleHop for letting me know, so I could embrace my GEEKNESS and share it with you! The day was created by Wellcat Holidays . I know us nerds don't need a...

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My 1st DCC & Why Friends Are So Important At Cons
The first day of Denver Comic Con was a bit of a wash for me. Kinda. I introduced you to my new rebrand which I love ! DCC gave me the time and the place to do that. There was just one thing missing. And I found that on the second day. Day two my BFF  @grow...

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To CHANGE! What do you think of the NEW The Nerdy Girlie site?! I've been thinking about changing it for about a year now and the day has come that I finally pulled the trigger. With some help from Ocean Eyes...he designed the new banner logo...I found the ...

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Your Final San Diego Comic Con Check List!
HAPPY COMIC CON MONTH! Here we go! San Diego Comic Con is ALMOST HERE!!! Make sure you are all packed and ready to go and I will see you there!! 1. Is your hotel set? Before you depart print out your reservations and even make a quick call to the hotel to c...

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FUTURAMA is video game form!
THERE BACK BABY! I cannot believe that we are getting something NEW from my favorite fandom FUTURAMA!!! We don't know when....but it is coming! Check out the trailer for the new mobil game + NEVER before seen footage! 

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WHY?! Because SDCC here I come! I just got approved for my press badge. It made me really want to go. I'm still working on saving my money, but now that I have a Southwest credit card, I figured out how to purchase a flight with my points! Total cost for #S...
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