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Meaghan McDowell
Home DIY blogger at natural redhead, teacher. Colorado Mesa University graduate.
Home DIY blogger at natural redhead, teacher. Colorado Mesa University graduate.

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How I Staged My House to Sell in 3 Hours
As of May I officially owned and lived in my house for 9  years. I know I keep saying that but it is so hard to believe. I spent all of my college years here, lived with some great friends here, and started my career in this house. My sister and I lived her...

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20 Things to Do in GJ: #6 The Colorado National Monument
Oh man! I'm down to 20 days left in Grand Junction! Getting after that list and speaking of which, I've got one down. #6 has been knocked off t he list !  In the Grand Valley of Western Colorado we are blessed with having the gorgeous Colorado National Monu...

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20 Things To Do In Grand Junction, Colorado From a Native
I've lived in Grand Junction, Colorado my entire life. I figured since I'll be leaving within the next month for the Denver area I should put together a list of all the things that are truly "Junction." There are way more then 20 items but these are my top ...

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5 Best Resources for Your First Big Move
   To view images more successfully on Google Chrome, keep your zoom setting at 90%. Working to resolve the issue! This whole moving thing has been a bit of a challenge. Now,  that might seem obvious but I have to tell you a true and honest confession: the ...

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Eastward Bound & Down: Relocating a Life
It has been nearly 365 days since my last post, meaning that mostly just my  mom will see this. But hey, that's fine! My mom is pretty awesome! As of this month I have officially owned my home for 9 years  and it has been a remarkable experience. I was able...

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Making New Choices: Do You FarmShare?
The dude and I have been working to make some serious lifestyle changes around our house. We want to first start with our bodies and the physical. We want to live more naturally and organically, but still be frugal about it. One of the great ways we can do ...

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Budget-Friendly DIY Bridal Shower
When my best friend from college asked me to be her Maid of Honor, I was totally thrilled! I would be able to stand up beside her at her wedding and watch her pledge to be unified with the man of her dreams. We went through a lot in college together- like t...

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Summer 2016: Goals, Bro
Now that I've got the blog back up and running with some changes. I think some goal setting is definitely in order! Since it's the last week of school for me (I'm teaching summer school) that means these are going to be specific summer goals. Let's see what...

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6 New Things You'll See on #TMB
Helloooo, again, everyone! I am back and you may have noticed... This Messy Business has a new look! It's pretty fantastic. Stream-lined, simplified, and easy to manage. Now that we've got a new look, we're also going to have some new content. I'm super exc...

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This Messy Re-Vamp: A New Journey
It has been a very long time since I have made any blog posts. Obviously, I guess, right? There's a number of reasons that I haven't felt compelled to write a post and a couple things I plan to do about it. The top five reasons I haven't blogged: 1. I'm poo...
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