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Jay Wright
Tech Writer, Cyclist..well sort of, Golfer, enjoy movies/music
Tech Writer, Cyclist..well sort of, Golfer, enjoy movies/music

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Have been in Plano this week and Monday night just north of Plano, in Wylie, Tx they had actual grapefruit size hail...just insane. 

Work laptop died, will not boot up. Amazed how many ppl when hearing about it ask have I called the help desk. The first 2-3 ppl I just said yes I've called, just waiting. The next 2-3 I went with, "no I'm going to put it under my pillow tonight so the laptop fairy will bring me a new one" too much??

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Best product ever!! via +Barrett Nuzum

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Deadpool......very good. 

C'mon Rangers, don't self destruct now!!

Holy Cow, what a game!! Unbelievable....and I was pulling for the Rangers!

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Funnel Cake = good, Bacon = good, Chocolate = good, Strawberries = good...where could this go wrong?

For anyone that cares, the average life of a baseball in a MLB game is 5 pitches.

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holy cow, that is hilarious!!
I snapped this five years ago (and gave him money):
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