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BWAHAHAHAHA!  Its like Space Balls for the shipping industry.

via +David Aang 
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 A year after Google PH opened in Manila they now share another milestone by eventually capturing and showing how beautiful Philippines is. Love the Google  Streetview Philippines Launch video =)

#googleph   #streetviewphlaunch  
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We are in a Post PC World, Like it or Not, Facts are Facts

 The PC is Dead. That doesn't mean it will stop being sold and vanish overnight. The PC will continue to sell but it is no longer a needed home device. 

 People are now connecting to the net via mobile devices such as phones or tablets. With the surge in sales of Chromebooks, this non-PC growth rate will assuredly continue. 

 Here come the throngs of screaming PC lovers with their pitchforks and bonfires to tell me that I'm wrong. Sorry, but if you are one of them, then you are the one that is wrong. 

 Yes, it is true that the PC will continue to sell well for Gamer's, Visual artists, people who do CAD, programmers, and developers. You are correct in saying that the PC will not go away for them. BUT... Those categories I just named are nowhere near the majority of the buying public. 

 More and more I'm forced to think through the eyes of the general consumer when talking tech. Anyone who utters the word, "Such and such is a such and such KILLER" is nothing but a discredited naive loon. They don't understand what or who makes up the buying public. So they make their generalized statement with the belief that we "techies" are the majority of the buying public, and we are not. 

 So when the Pro-PC people condemn someone for saying that we have reached the point where we are in a Post PC world, they are really only thinking about their small subset of people who still need to utilize a full PC. Truth be told, it's just not needed. 

 I have not had a home PC/laptop for personal use in two years now. I use 2 different Chromebooks, a Nexus 7 (V1), and a Nexus 5. I use Google Drive for documents and storage and utilize online streaming of media and music from the likes of Google Music, Movies, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. And the kicker... I'm in the IT industry. I use a Win 7 notebook that is from work and it is used for work, but as far as personal devices in the home and devices I use for my stuff, I do not need a PC. 

 If I can get by without a home PC, then rest assured that millions and millions in the general public have no need to buy a full blown PC. So that brings us to the undeniable FACT, we have now moved into the Post PC world for personal devices. 

 The need for a PC will further decline as more and more web apps and virtualization options become the norm. We will get to a point where non-PC devices will be playing a bigger and bigger role in the work space as we move forward. This will turn the PC into an archaic device much like the old wall sized computers of decades ago. 

 It's not a bad thing either. This move into a Post PC world is all about technology advancing and moving forward in ways that the PC is not suited to do. Devices today can be tailored for the needs of a person. There is no reason to spend big money on a PC that has a bloated OS and just doesn't live up to the needs of the day.

 My advice would be to buy a high end smartphone of your choice, a tablet, and a Chromebook. Right there, you are completely covered for general use and personal productivity. Without a doubt, the smartphone is the central most important device in the Post PC world and it can be the center of all of your other devices. 

 So in conclusion, the PC isn't going away, but it is dying off from being a device that the general public will continue to use. More and more the PC will be a device used for niche categories, like those of which I listed earlier, but that will be it. The general public has already gone Post PC. 
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Trust me, no one is using this computer. LOL! 
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