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Check out the blog from Brian Thomason - Engineer at Eucalyptus, showing how to create DIY Debian Packages for Eucalyptus 3.2.  Keep putting in work Brian!
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Deependra Shekhawat

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Ya Deependra m with Wipro but as a Fresher I can't reach there I don't think they'll give chance or opportunity to work. Initially when I joined the company I dropped so many mails but didn't get reply.
Now a days doing in Oracle(Database) did certification in Java(OCP) & OCA(Oracle).
will see where will go.
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Deependra Shekhawat

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How to run OpenBSD on a Eucalyptus private cloud in 5 easy steps. New technical blog post :
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Deependra Shekhawat

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Deependra Shekhawat

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Did you know? The average provisioning time for one of our enterprise customers is now 30 seconds, compared to 3 months before Eucalyptus. Now that's the agility of cloud! Who can figure out how much of an improvement that is in saved seconds?
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