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Robert Cochran
I greatly enjoy learning about and working with electronic circuits.
I greatly enjoy learning about and working with electronic circuits.

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I just want to say how truly great this video is. I work with deaf and blind software developers, and users who have multiple visual and motor challenges, who would all benefit from greater web accessibility. I really appreciate the efforts of Rob Dodson and his team to enhance that accessibility.

All the seeds are sprouting now. I'm thrilled that the long grain brown rice is sprouting, too. I remain surprised at the high cost of purchasing seeds specifically labelled for sprouting. The mung beans, brown rice, and red lentils were taken from either bulk containers or packages of product labelled for cooking. These were cheaper to purchase than the broccoli seeds. In fact the red lentils are from a commercial 1 pound package that is several years old.

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Does anyone have home weather stations in the yard that send weather information to your computer? Are the weather stations purchased commercial products, or custom designed and built? I'd welcome advice about getting started with a weather station and recording the data in a meaningful way.

Shows the progress of sprouting for red lentils, broccoli, and long grain brown rice over the few days needed for sprouts to become table ready. I started these sprouts on impulse after a grocery shopping trip. I'm using a "sprouting system" which is almost 20 years old that I took from storage on my kitchen shelf. The "system" is difficult to manage. The red lentils and rice came from packages kept in my pantry. That is, they are not specially advertised or marked for sprouting; I simply took a tablespoon of each and put them in the sprouting system trays and began soaking them. The broccoli seeds are from a 3 ounce packet that bills them as sprouting seeds. They were quite expensive to purchase. I will later sprout mung beans and alfalfa and record their progress as well.  

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I have signed up for the Bike To Work Day events on May 15, which are sponsored by my local bicycling association.

Planning to buy a new bicycle helmet and new bicycling gloves. Suggestions about the best brands?
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