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Apples + Raspberries = yum!
Apples + Raspberries = yum!


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#Albumtheme: How to photograph Sunsets

In Episode 61 of THE GRID ( about landscape and travel photography +Scott Kelby and +Matt Kloskowski gave photographers a very good advise.... SHOOT DURING SUNET OR SUNRISE to capture dramatic landscape photographs.

I have arranged first 25 photographs on my G+ Portfolio to showcase colors and impact of sunsets. If you go through the album you will notice that the colors vary from rich gold to deep reds to vivid magenta and to deep blues. So, if you want photographs that are colorful and create an impact sunsets are one of the best times of the days you can shoot.

While it is true that the light intensity diminishes during the sunset and the dynamic range of is easier to is not always the case. Often times you may have to use GND filter or manually blend the images together (we use our iHDR workflow) to create these images - Like the image you see below from Glacier National Park.

Enjoy & Share.
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