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So, Brutus can fly, sort of, with some considerable assistance from the pickup pulling the improperly loaded trailer full of concrete rubble. The impact tripped the fuel shut off and threw 120 some odd pounds of St Bernard puppy into the back of my head. I feel for the folks that got sandwiched between that pickup and the back of my explorer. The driver of that little car got a ride on a backboard in an ambulance.

Several people have told me the driver of the pickup left, after the cops told him to pull into the parking lot while they issued him a citation. IDK, the cops will get it sorted out; they have his driver's license and registration still.
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We'll see. My son and I were examined given pain and muscle meds, and sent on our way, with billing to be sent to our attorney. Brutus however, is another story. The emergancy animal care clinic was little better than protection racket disguised as a cub scout first aid station for Peanuts characters. They wanted over $1000.00 up front, before providing proper ER trauma/triage care. As it is my wife was able to get Brutus out of there for about $150.00 on a basic exam and 3 days worth of Tramadol for the big lug. His BP-CRT-RfRM came out ok, but he gave minimal pain response. Oh, blood work was good too, and his weight was guesstimated around 120-125 lbs.  Since he's been home and has relaxed a bit he's acting like his normal self.

All in all a good bit of rent money was used today to take care of prescriptions and service dog vet care.
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This is rich.
Just got a scam call on a land line with a non-published phone number.
phone: displays "Mycrowsoft Techincal Supporter, Nairobi Kenya" on the caller ID.
Me: This'll be interesting
<Answer the phone call>
Me: Hello?
Jockstrap: silence
Me: Hello?
Jockstrap: <Heavy "African" accent> Hal.....looo? <clears throat> Hello? Dis i' my My crow sufttt Technical Supporter division, here to be calling you about deeee much excessive data you are windows sending us to dee place our server here on Port hand Waash on ten. <accent change from Heavy "African" to light "Indian" (Think Big Bang Theory, and the English enunciation improved to) You are to be being send us tooooo much many security error informations about our windows encryption of your main computer network. I am here to be making your computer not wrong configurations on your encryptions and firewalls. Do you understand?
Me: Not really, but ok. <snicker>
Jockstrap: I am need to speak to the primary owner of your network hardware. Are you the primary owner of your windows computer?
Me: Not likely. Which Windows version are you referring to, 3.11 or 95? We have multiple operating systems here at the company. I personally prefer the Commodore OS, myself. I'll be glad to get you over to our technicolor sports team to help you remove unwanted data streamers on your servers. May I have your account number, and will this be a one time charge, or do you have a subscription plan with us?
Jockstrap: <long silence> You are not being the primary owner of this computer?
Me: Not likely, but I am an employee shareholder. We're an employee owned company, so I guess that makes me part owner of this computer, but I'm not the primary shareholder. Now, how would you like to pay for this service call, VISA, Master Card, or bank draft?
Jockstrap: <Click> dial tone
Me: aww <hang up>

Some days, these scammers are just too easy to screw with.
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Meet Brutus Icanus. Brutus is Frodo's successor as my mobility assistance dog. We picked him up yesterday day, from the breeders. He was returned to them less than two weeks ago, and is in need of some TLC and rehab, which we've already started. Brutus is 15 months old, and stands 34 inches tall at the shoulders.
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Gorgeous doggie.
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For my SCA friends who attended Cattle Raids, this weekend.

Due to a bad encounter with some beet greens last night, our feast basket/box got left behind at Cattle Raids. It's a dark brown wicker chest with wood plates, bowls, and goblets, brass eating/serving utensils, and a pair of cast metal mugs. Please contact me asap, so I can pick it up.
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yep, got a response about an hour after posting. It's a safe hostage until I make my presence known in their fair barony. :)
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I can fully empathize with these folks. We blew a rear wheel bearing and two rear struts at Lilies this year. With help from a few folks, we were able to make it home, and I am eternally grateful. Please help them with what you can. We are.
For the past 20 years or so, Martin and Lauren Grover have attended an event in western Pennsylvania called Pennsic, where they are known as Suleiman and Ghazalah. Lauren learned henna there, which led to her current career. Martin started working with a Turkish coffeehouse on the site, which he...
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A unicorn died today. At least he thought he was a unicorn, and so did I.

His first day in our home he impaled himself upon a Lilac bush; running full tilt into a low hanging branch in attempt to affix an appropriate horn upon his brow. The broken branch embedded, firmly, between his scalp and skull had to be surgically removed that evening. Our youngest son was mortified, and certain he'd killed the new puppy, for he was the one holding the leash and taking the puppy outside for his first potty training session. That puppy was a dreamer, and an adventurer. More importantly his loyalty was beyond compare, and he had a sense of duty that was balanced and sensible; both of which I've rarely seen in other dogs, and in fewer humans.
That night, at the veterinary hospital, we named that puppy San Frodobert the Huge, Frodo for short. He had very large paws to grow into; slightly smaller than tennis balls at 10 weeks, and a head that was larger than the rest of his body. With his new white stripe and stitches up the middle of his forehead between his eyes, from the amputation of his unicorn horn, he could easily be mistaken for a pair of footballs. Being a Saint Bernard, born on Halloween, we thought the name was a good match, given his beliefs, and behavior. Besides it allowed us to indulge our love of Tolkien, and my love of puns.

The surgery to remove the stick from his forehead was a success, and further examination revealed to us that he was exceptionally thick headed, both physically and mentally. Frodo had come to our family to be trained and work as my mobility service animal. In his assigned tasks he was exceptional, oft times stepping in to assist in the appropriate manner before being given the command to do so, but rarely too early to cause issues with what I was doing at the time.  So eager was he to serve, and be by my side that on the day we first went to the breeder, to examine the litter for a possible candidate, Frodo curled up on top of my feet, and would not leave; always returning when removed, ignoring my attentions to his larger brothers and sisters. He was not my first choice, but I was his. After conferring with both my father, a long time breeder of German Shepherds and trainer of both GS and Rottweilers, and the owner of the service dog training school through which we were going to get our candidate's certification, we went back, for a second look, and true to their claims, Frodo remembered me and took up his spot upon my feet as soon as we entered the puppy room.

In the years that have followed that day Frodo has taken me on many adventurers through the neighborhood, running the Wally World Iditarod in their electric shopping cart of the perpetually dead battery, introducing me to the baby gator that had adopted his paw as its very own pacifier, or showing me his trophy rattlesnake bite. Both of those last were from G'ma's farm in Georgia. His favorite adventure to share with me was, "What did I eat this week?" "Did I steal the turkey carcass from the trash? How about becoming a bathroom gourmet? No? Here, have a piece of the beehive I found after the storm. I know! Help me snarf this whole box of rawhide chews! They keep coming back up. Seriously, I've only eaten half the 50 lb box, and I must eat them all. Again!" But through it all he stood by me, watched over me; stood between me and anything he perceived as a danger to me.

Today. Today, I have failed my friend, my partner, my service dog. Sometime this spring he contracted something, a parasite most likely, that caused chronic bloat, and I did not identify the problem soon enough. That combined with his latest gastronomic adventure resulted in his death today.  We came back from Lilies War, and Frodo was off his feed. He was being picky about what he ate, but he was eating; and drinking even more. After a few days he seemed to be back to normal, and we attributed it to the heat. We'd had to send him home from the event, because he was not dealing with the heat at Lilies at all. Then he lost his appetite shortly after the 4th of July, and he acted like he'd indulged in the eating of things he shouldn't, like underwear or socks. The usual treatment for that is Pepcid, and wait for him to poop it out in 2 to 3 days; not this time. He puked up everything he'd eaten since we started him on the Pepcid this time around; most of it still recognizable. Our regular vet was not available when I called, and his old partner said to give him a few more days as there was a stomach bug running around in addition to the canine flu, so we wait and he starts eating again, but he's not pooping much after July 9th. OK, he's recovering, maybe. He has a slight fever; vet says give him aspirin for it and start him on a new round of Pepcid. The resulting week of gas was horrid beyond belief, but he was pooping and eating like his old self. July 16th, Frodo won't eat or drink. The next day up comes a tattered pair of underwear and a few things from the bathroom trash, and he'll only eat soft food, like roast beef hash, cottage cheese, chicken soup, and peanut butter or cream cheese, in small quantities, but no pooping. Dry heaves through the morning of the 19th, with an occasional marble sized poop, and the intermittent gorging of water. That morning, up comes another pair of underwear, and more bathroom garbage. When did he eat all this stuff? We've been keeping a super close eye on him since Lilies, and he's only made two attempts to drink from the toilet; both times when it's been occupied. That night, Frodo pukes out another two pair of underwear, more bathroom trash, and a receipt from the pharmacy. The receipt was dated a full week before we left to go to the Lilies War; it was the last in that pile to come out. My best friend has been trying to pass this for a month, and we could not identify the blockage to help massage it out. I'm horrible.
All night Frodo has paced, and panted trying to bring up something more. A late night call to the vet, and we're to bring him in later today. About 6 am, my best friend tossed out a blood clot the size of a golf ball. I call our vet, and it's time. Anything we can do to correct his condition at this time will cost us several thousand dollars; Nebraska does not recognize service dogs as medical equipment, so Medicaid here does not cover him under emergency care, or any care for that matter. Nor do they recognize any of the pet medical insurance policies that are available in other states. Not only is it time, it's money we don't have. I have failed.
Today, a unicorn has died.
Saint Frodobert the Huge, 10/31/2005 - 7/20/2015
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I am so very sorry for your loss, Russ. May your good memories comfort you in this time of grief.
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Well now, this sucks. Wish I'd known about this before making a couple dozen of these in Navy Blue. The blue bottom on the right is the finished color of both of these mugs. The black on the left? That's what they look like, after a week's worth of direct sunlight at Lilies. Both of these mugs are nearly a year old, and have been through numerous washings, including the dishwasher, without fading or discoloration.

In case you're interested, that's Tandy's Eco-Flo Professional Waterstain, Navy Blue, #2800-17.

Looks like I need to make up some new test swatches, and add a new test to my evaluation set.
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Well, it turns out that the dye has darkened to what real Navy Blue should look like. I matches my son's dress blue uniform, from when he was in the Navy. Still, I'm going to have to find a different dye to get that particular shade of blue as it was originally applied.
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Phone service is once more secured, cloned handset replaced, and I have a new number.  (402)915-0956 This is also my business number.
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I met Bob once. He was promoting the sport at an event near Charleston, SC many years ago. His passion for fun, and for his game were, to me, boundless. 
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Ok. Now that I've tried Windows 10 on my Lenovo laptops, I can honestly say Windows 10 is not for everyone. In my case it sucks big green monkey balls with a side of manure float.

Prior to installation all of the hardware features of my laptops functioned, and they worked well. After installation, over 80% of the hardware based features were disabled, and there are no supported driver updates available, nor will they be made available according to the various manufacturers involved, because the units are over 18 months old.

What's important about the hardware that was disabled?
1. the blue tooth adapter is not supported on the one laptop that has one installed, I would have to use one in a functioning USB port.
2. AMD dual processor and quad processor boards are not supported in 64 bit mode. Only the 32 bit drivers are supported for the main board and chip set.
3. All "Fn" keys/shortcuts and special hardware keys are disabled.
4. The DVD and Blueray drives are disabled (One has DVD, the other Blueray).
5. The finger print reader is not recognized in Windows 10.
6. The manufacturer specific power management system is disabled
    A. Under this the the always on USB charging port no longer functions at all. It is not seen as an available USB Port when the laptop is running, and is no longer powered when the laptop is shutdown.
    B. Both USB 2 ports, and the USB 3 ports, separate from the USB charging port, are all seen as USB 1 ports by Windows 10.
    C. Hibernate mode has been removed from the power switch options.
7. The camera is not recognized as a supported device for log in, or video conferencing, but is recognized for remote access and selfies without video. So, I can take still shot selfies, or some jackass in Abu Dabii can jack in to my machine over the web and video tape what I'm doing, but I can't use skype, or hangouts, or record video of my own. MS Told me this was a security feature. I call BS on that one.
8. The Dolby Audio card is not supported. Period. MS will not allow drivers to be installed for it. I'm limited to SILENCE; not even hardware beeps from the Bios.
9. The on board display is limited to the Windows 10 32 bit driver set, instead of the AMD 64 bit drivers and features.
10. The external HDMI port is not seen as being present. This goes back to the issue of the main board drivers.
11. The SD card reader is not seen by Windows 10. It refuses to install drivers to support it.
12. Touch pad controls and functions are disabled. You can't control the pad's sensitivity, button functions, or scroll rate, nor can you turn it off when you plug in a USB mouse. It's always on at max resolution, speed, and sensitivity.
13. Bios access at boot up is disabled. This is another security feature according to the MS rep I spoke with. So my bios level login at start up was bypassed.

This doesn't even begin to touch on how Windows 10 has screwed up my installed games, accounting and business software, or any other non MS software I had installed prior to "Upgrading" to Windows 10.

All in All the free upgrade to Windows 10 has proven to be a complete waste of my time, and money to correct it, and horrifically damaging to my business. It turned my personal and business laptops into pieces of junk. One is recoverable through the factory restore process from the original discs; the other is a boat anchor. The return to Windows 7 option is a total failure.

My advice is to destroy that little win 10 upgrade icon in the task bar. Nuke it from orbit. No, slam a comet into it. It's that bad. Even napalm won't fix this bug. 
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what a mess.
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Ever wonder how government gets to be so bad? We keep electing corrupt politicians. End background checks for those receiving SNAP, SSA, and Medicare/Medicaid Benefits, and start running background checks on those people running for public office. If we were to actually enforce the laws on the books, not one of these people would be able to hold public office.

Protect our rights & impeach/recall every one of these criminals.
Source: pulled from the truth about guns, who seems to have pulled from the SaF.

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Of course they're tough on crime -- they don't want any competition.
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New 6 x 9 inch turn pouch, in black sueded chap leather, with a brass spike closure.
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