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Today, I am given hope for our people, and our nation.
This evening I have heard great rantings and ravings from both conservative and liberal political pundits. When I first began to listen to each of them, in their separate radio shows, neither of them sounded like they were in any way pleased with an order issued by the PoTUS earlier today, but I was not for certain they were discussing the same topic as their respective tirades began.

The liberal pundit sounded much as if the order had to do with either immigration or the ACA, but was not identifying the specifics of the order. At least not until she was near the end of her vitriolic tirade. The conservative pundit was the same way, but he referred to the order in question as a "non-executive order", and made it sound as if the PoTUS had adopted a scorched earth policy towards whatever issue this order was being targeted. At the end of their dietribes it was clear they were in fact discussing the same issue. The PoTUS had ordered a reasonably priced ($54.00) dry aged Porterhouse steak, well done, with ketsup, and they were both absolutely livid about it.

Now with the the liberal pundit, I was never quite sure whether she was distraught over how he had ordered the steak, or that he'd ordered a steak at all, but she was quite adamant that having ordered any steak prepared in this manner was beyond unconscienable, and must be addressed in the most vile manner possible. The conservative pundit on the other hand, was quite clear in his feelings in regards to it being the manner in which the meat was "ruined" and the PoTUS's choice of condiment to douse it in. As he put it, "This is like trying to put a goose turd on a plate as it's shot through the ass end of an F4 Phantom. You just don't do it."

So, both ends of the political spectrum agree on one thing; PoTUS don't know shit about cooking steak.

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Well, the count doesn't hold much importance anymore, now that Hillary has officially conceded the election to Trump, BUT it's now 278 to 218. I see from the news that a bunch of you folks that threatened to leave the country, if he won, are attempting to make good on your threats; as have some of you that threatened to kill him before, and after, the election.

So, now it is time to get back to reality, go back to work, and mend fences and friendships with each other.

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Need to identify this sucker. It wasn't even a starter plant on June6 when we first looked at the house. Now it covers most of the back fence and the entire frame of the garden swing. It has sharp spines along the stems.


Got to love Credit Reporting Services; Experian in particular. Family members applied for a loan through their financial institution, and Experian has/had some adverse entries on their credit report. They attempted to file the dispute, as instructed by the loan officer, and were not able to submit the dispute through the Experian web interface for doing such. What did happen was it asked for their credit card to verify their ID, and then signed them up for the monthly membership without notifying them that was happening. Now, Experian has charged their card twice in less than 2 weeks.
They're supposed to be protecting people against card fraud, not committing it.
Experian, you're a bunch of carpetbaggers!

+Wil Wheaton , saw your tweet about the MI courthouse shooting. You failed to follow your own mantra, "Don't be a Dick."

Not following your shit anymore, Dick.

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I'm beginning to feel like we're stuck in the middle of the opening credits for a Monty Python movie...

We've been apprised of the need to appeal the results of the appeal of the appraisal report from the appraiser regarding the application to purchase the home that my wife and daughter have chosen. So, we have authorized the appeal of the appeal of the appraisal report put forth by the appraiser, who made a number of errors in the report, thus presenting himself to be a total buffoon.

It's kind of like sacking the people who sacked the sackers, who sacked the people who originally sacked the people who made the movie about sacking some castle that was sacked by a bunch of French ponces in silly hats. 

House AC went out this morning, both the AC compressor and the furnace were running, and the Thermostat would neither let me see the current temp, or let me program it or set an override temperature setting. It would only let me see and set the time, day of the week, and the filter timer.

Opened up the thermostat to see what was up. One of the batteries had exploded, not a leak mind you, but a thumb sized hole in one of the AA batteries, and battery guts all over the circuit board. Changed the batteries & cleaned the board as best I could. Sad puppy, the board's fried, not from battery acid, but from a shorted capacitor. The battery guts didn't help any, but that's not strong enough to leave scorch marks on the board and melt the ends off the cap that blew. It also blew the control panel fuse on the 24V power supply in the furnace controls. Since it's less than 2 years old, and the landlord refuses to make himself available. I just swapped out the thermostat and the fuse; he can deal with it after we move out in a few days.

For now, I have cool breezes in the house again.

Good news? The loan officer says we've cleared all the hurdles on our side of buying the new house, now we have to wait for the seller to finish their part of the process.

Bad news? The Explorer just blew a hole in something at the rear of the engine, near the firewall. I got a big cloud of steam, all at once, a sudden loss of power, and it overheated in less than a minute. When we were able to get off the freeway & check the engine, there was no coolant in the reservoir, and there was coolant sprayed all over the top and rear of the engine and firewall, and no change in appearance or level of the oil after letting it sit for 20 minutes while we waited for a tow truck.

I'm hoping it was just a hose to the heater core, and not something more serious. My son brought 2 gallons of coolant with him when he came to take his mother and sister home from the broken down truck. It sucked up both jugs immediately, and did not leave a puddle anywhere. I cranked it up and let it run for a couple of minutes at a time, but could not see where the coolant was coming from; the interior of the passenger compartment is staying dry with no smell of coolant in the people tank. Now, I get to tear stuff apart to find the leak. I'll do that after the beast has had a bit of time to cool off.

This is horrible timing as we've been instructed not to use any of our lines of credit until after we close on the house in a couple of weeks, and this is one of the vehicles needed to make the move.
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