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Finally got my invite to Project Astoria (Android to Windows Phone), I might see how easy it is to port to windows now.

After about 3 hours of bug hunting I finally fixed the downloader getting stuck problem =D. Expect an app update right after I finish a few other things.

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So donations have hit $100 and the second milestone is hit, thanks everyone!

Now I'll begin working on accounts! It may take awhile (especially with me working on the iOS version at same time) but be patient =D

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Manga Blitz 3.1.0 has been released!
Changes include Orakel, a service to improve download speed, a fix for cover art not loading, and MangaEden has been fixed.

Orakel improves the speed of a download if someone else has already downloaded it, so for a few days it won't be active so it can collect data.
Manga Blitz
Manga Blitz

Stress test on my Nexus 7 just completed, 350 chapters downloaded back to back over 10 hours with no crashing or errors! Safe to say this is probably the most stable version of the downloader yet.
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