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What Should Be Practiced?
Excerpted from "Why Don't Students Like School?" Not everything can be practiced extensively, but fortunately not everything needs to be practiced.... If practice makes mental processes automatic, we can then ask, which processes need to become automatic?  ...

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BINGO: None of the following is true
(Except for the parts which are, but I’m not telling which ones have actually happened to me. [Except for when I provide photographic or video evidence.])  I held my hand against my forehead, elbow on the table, trying to breathe through my anxiety. What ha...

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An interlude with a diabolic bike
I would like to request that you listen to the song below while reading this post.  I'm not a particularly adventurous person, I'm coming to discover. For example, I recently helped a client see that her horse would be just fine on trails. I rode the horse ...

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Operant Conditioning
I go through cycles in my teaching where I give lectures to all my students on similar riffs on a theme, and this week has been about operant conditioning. Sometimes when I'm explaining these concepts to a nine-year-old, I wonder if it really as important a...

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Great Artists Steal
In my cursory research I cannot tell who, exactly, wrote that "good artists borrow, great artists steal." Here are some sayings I've shamelessly stolen from other trainers in the last few months. (I remain in hot pursuit of artisanship.) Try to help the bit...

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Things I've worked on while hand-walking
Kat is currently getting walked 10 minutes a day, twice a day. It's going fine, all things considered. Here are some things I've worked on, since this is the sort of time one can use to really fine tune little details.  1) She is very polite when I enter he...

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When you post a horse for sale
There's a lot of talking about it leading up to the event, "oh, well, we have been thinking about this or that" and then you gather the information you need, and then eventually you finally start putting ads up places. And after the monotonous flurry of pos...

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The ol' wait-and-see
My lovely vet came out on Thursday to check out Kat's whole "being lame" and weird lumps. The lumps (which to be honest I was the most concerned about) the vet glanced at, shrugged, and said "they're hematomas probably from kicking the wall. Standing wraps ...

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It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah
(The sadness of the title is not indicative of the content of this post.) Freddie came to Fresno because he is firmly in the resale  horse camp and so the more miles he can get with me, the better it will be when I go to sell him. Let's recap his training s...

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Love is not a victory march
I borrowed a trailer from a trainer friend and high-tailed it out to the Fresno County Horse Park on Monday with Kat, Freddie, Gus, and Danny all stuffed in there for an adventure. The goal was to assess how ready Kat was for training, and to play with some...
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