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I've set up a business page on Google. (It's easier to use with a social media manager.) Please come add me there, as I will probably be shifting operations to that page. Thanks. :o)

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"It is my hope that Color Song will find a wider audience than just teenage girls. By squeezing us into the very narrow passages that society imposes on Giulia, it makes us appreciate her desperate efforts to scale the walls, literally and figuratively, and encourages us to reflect on the nature of oppression in all times and places."

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I reviewed OLD LAND, NEW TALES, a collection of short stories by modern Chinese authors. The quality is uneven, but it is still an interesting glimpse into a different world.

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There is a connection. Really. Creative types, how do you prime your pump?

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A young woman in a red dress sits alone. Not for long.


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I reviewed Caroline Wissing's VOICELESS.

"Wissing writes beautifully, evoking a powerful sense of place.  She is a master of the telling detail, making a setting click into place with one or two sure strokes. Her characters are also drawn with a sure hand, their different voices and personalities clear on the page."

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I loved the title, I loved the book. THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY lives up to its quirky title.

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“Now, however, my size was no longer merely an inconvenience—it was an embarrassment and a weapon.” THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MRS. TOM THUMB by Melanie Benjamin, seeing the world from 2'8", and a very interesting perspective it is too!

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