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Going through the pages of Hamlet in his courtyard, he was
contemplating over each quote he had underlined during his previous reads of
that eternal play. Hamlet by William Shakespeare. No introduction is needed for it. The most tragic play by Shakespeare w...

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It has been
months now since he last smiled. He was troubled. Not physically, not even in
the professional life. When with his ‘friends’, he curled his lips to make the
edges arch upwards with great difficulty, revealing a couple of teeth at times
just so h...

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दिल का दर तो आपके लिए ही खुला है, रास्ता तो पता है, पर आप चाह कर भी इधर नही आते | हर शक्स मेरी सूरत पर शक़ कर रहा है, मेरी सीरत देखने  वो कभी इधर नहीं आते | आपके आगोश में सर होना ज़रूरी तो नहीं है, नींद के लिए हम भी किधर किधर नहीं जाते |  ज़्यादा करीब आए तो...

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The initial harvest of a pristine alliance!
Any person
who cracks JEE and is interested in writing stuff on internet would have a blog
related to the first few days in the very prestigious Indian Institute of
Technology disclosing the expectations, aspirations, ambitions and yearnings
for that partic...

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Project Mayhem
The clocks were striking twenty-three and it was pitch
black outside. It was a dark night with no stars visible skyward. I was
strolling to and fro on my terrace with my subconscious rambling in a parallel
universe. A large number of people perceive the pre...
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