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...a victim of laughing chance

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You should already know this...

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The World Has Not Ended in New Zealand

I am sitting here where the timezones begin, and even though it is well known that the Mayans hated the Kiwis most, everything is cool.  So, I decided to celebrate an ongoing world with the release of The Light Camera - !!  (an early chance there for you!)

This photo below is from the massive ion storm here in NZ during the Aurora Australis... I guess it did kinda feel apocalyptic then!

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He Loves to Show His Stuff - Austin, Texas

Come visit my +SmugMug  site at

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“There is no better designer than nature.”
― Alexander McQueen

(Photo by Daniel Conway)

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Happy Valentines Day to you all. I'm stealing Trey's post cuz it's a beautiful representation of love.
Two Dolphins in Love on Valentine's Day in Milford Sound

While we took the boat out of Milford towards the Tasman Sea, a pod of bottle-nose dolphins came to visit.  They turned and jumped and spiraled in a double helix, twisting endlessly like a playful cyclone.


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I can't wait to visit. How gorgeous and other worldly is this??
Stars over the Lake in Queenstown (during the aurora!)

Today we're all heading down past Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown here towards Kingston, which sits on one end of the lake.  We'll be going much further than this too... all the way around past Te Anau to Milford.  I won't have internet for a while, but will report back upon return to internet-civilization! :)

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Bring it!!!

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Fall in Memphis - Shelby Forest (7 photos)
7 Photos - View album

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The Culinary Cliff

Obama: So, what do you want to eat?
Boehner: You're going to have to lead, Mr. President.
Obama: Okay, great. Let's order pizza.
Boehner: We just had pizza.
Obama: You said you wanted me to lead. I'm saying pizza.
Boehner: I'm not in the mood for pizza. Don't you understand compromise?
Obama: Apparently not. How about Chinese?
Boehner: Don't ask me -- you're the "leader".
Obama: Okay, Chinese.
Boehner: I'm trying to cut back on sodium. Do you really want me to have a heart attack?
Obama: Let me get back to you on that. So, no pizza, no Chinese.
Boehner: Correct.
Obama: KFC?
Boehner: Too African-American.
Obama: Outback?
Boehner: Too atheist. Too female.
Obama: Taco Bell?
Boehner: Don't even go there.
Obama: Oooh, yeah, forgot. You'd only get 27% of a meal.
Boehner: [inaudible]
Obama: Listen, man, you're saying you want me to lead...
Boehner: Yes.
Obama: But you hate all my suggestions.
Boehner: Correct. You need to lead with something I like.
Obama: Can I get any hint whatsoever of what you might like?
Boehner: I can tell you two things.
Obama: Yes?
Boehner: It has "Chick" in it, and it has "Fil-A" in it.
Obama: There is no way I'm eating there.
Boehner: See you at the bottom of the cliff.

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Trey cool.
You know my profile photo?  It was taken by +Luke Severn right in front of THIS cool piece of art at Burning Man.  That's my bike there to the right...  

Luke was just hanging out here, taking photos of random people that rode by and stopped to look.
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