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We should make parents who don't vaccinate their children liable for resulting outbreaks.
A map of the kids hurt by anti-vaccination hysteria.

Oh, and has the incidence of autism gone down? Thought not.

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I have 2 google accounts. Way back when G+ launched, it would only work with 1 of them. Unfortunately, it wasn't the one I wanted. By the time my 2nd account was supported, it was too late and I had already set up everything on my 1st account.

Now there's a migration tool, so I'm going to try migrating.
I think in theory, no one will notice a change (except maybe my profile picture will be different? I dunno).

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Is there a way to link directly to a photo once I've shared it via G+?

I used to be able to do this through, but google+ seems to have replaced that.

Use case: I'd like to share a photo on twitter. I can always upload it again, but I'd rather not.

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Piper Cub made from nanoblocks.

This time I made an instruction sheet in case you feel like building your own (also in case I want to recreate this later, the instructions will make it much easier).

I did the wing with the studs facing forward again. It is the only way to make the wing thin enough to look right. In the 737-200 model I did a few weeks ago, the wing was sandwiched into the body and the body was studs up. The Piper Cub's wing being at the top made this method of attachment impossible. Also the landing gear and propeller were easier with studs forward.
Piper Cub
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My grandfather worked at Dow Chemical his entire career. Today I found this interesting story about how Dow started, and how he defeated an attempt at predatory pricing by simply buying all of the under-priced product and reselling it elsewhere.

Power went out last night and our smoke detectors all started chirping. Reminded me of college. I had 2 computers in my room which stayed on all the time. When the power went out, the UPS backups for the computers would start chirping and I'd have to get up and shut the computers down.

Tankless water heaters are tricky.

For 6 months, our dishwasher has failed to clean dishes. I finally thought to check whether the tankless water heater activated when the dishwasher ran.

It did not.

The dishwasher was failing because it was getting cold water. Easily fixed by lowering the water heater's flow threshold. Wish I had checked this months ago.

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I love that there's a G+ account which posts a Calvin & Hobbes comic every day.

Minimum wage in San Francisco is $10 per hour. That's $20K/year which isn't much in a city were rent in the least desirable neighborhoods can be $18K/year.

At the same time, $20K/year over 5 years is $100K. You can buy some pretty good robots for $100K, and they probably last for 5 years. For example, automated checkout machines at grocery stores only cost $60K [1].

How much longer can minimum wage keep working? $10/hour probably isn't a livable wage in SF. Say we double it to $20/hour. You can buy even better robots for $200K. Imagine what kind of coffee machine Clover could make at the $200K price point.

Minimum wage is supposed to help poorly-paid workers, but it can't help unemployed workers. I suspect we'll need a new system soon, to handle all the people whose minimum wage jobs were automated.
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