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Andres C. (Shadow)
International SEO Consultant and startup lover based in London.
International SEO Consultant and startup lover based in London.
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Click if you looking to connect with this man :) 

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This is my old G+Profile and has been migrated to

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I've been waiting months for this to transfer over to my Google Apps account!

Visit Google Takeout and click “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”

My new Apps G+ account here:

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 Totally worth checking out :P
Cram those keywords in and link freely to pr*n sites, and you too can't rank number one on Google. :) Check out this hilarious +Matt Cutts mashup video by +Sam Applegate. Thanks for the laugh!

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Good Morning 2030 :) Nice +Robert Scoble talk
Welcome to the freaky future

Here's the speech I gave at +The Next Web conference yesterday. I set up a world of 2030 when we have our Google eye monitors (er, +Project Glass) and a self-driving car.

What's going to be the big problem in this new world? Not privacy.


Thanks to +Matteo Lai, who showed off his device that I was wearing (he was monitoring my emotions while on stage). It is a freaky future indeed!

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Steve Keil – “We aren’t people, we are resources” – Keynote from #TNW2012

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Sharing Google Drive photos with your Google+ circles

#googleplusupdate #googleplusphotos #googledrive

Today, +Sundar Pichai introduced Google Drive ( -- a place where you can create, share, collaborate and keep all of your stuff. In parallel, we’re also rolling out a way to share your Google Drive photos with your circles.

To give it a try, first activate your Google Drive (at and add some photos. Next:

- Click in the Google+ sharebox to create a new post
- Click the camera icon, then select From Google Drive
- Choose photos from either My Drive or Shared with me (see screenshots)

Once you’ve selected your favorite shots, just pick the circles you want to share with, and you’re done! Enjoy, and please keep the feedback coming!
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State of the WEB

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"qualitative epiphany"
My latest blog post takes on the complex challenge of the incentives we put in place for our employees and organizations.

Pick metric 1 and you slowly die. Pick metric 2 and glory will be yours.

Sounds important right? :)

Please checkout the blog post which has a lot more detail and context. And do share your feedback via comments on the blog...

#smart #digital #everything
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