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Horribly, I'm on a PC; this is my 'all mail' file, which has everything from 4 different accounts in it.  I had a similar number of mails in my now-empty folder.

I actually have what amounts to backup in that each of the 4 accounts' mails seem to be there.  But I've cleaned up thousands of unwanted mails on the fly - all of those individual accounts still have all the garbage/unneeded mails.

Is there any similar modus for PCs?  W7Pro...
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Skip, I can't suggest anything for PCs. But basically, your only option is to resort to your latest backup; if it isn't very up-to-date, you're out of luck, I'm afraid.

Not nice, I know, but that's the way it is.
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Skip Gundlach

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If this band is like all the others of its sort I've seen, there is a pin in the links which can be pushed out and the link removed, and the second pin reinserted.  There are also three small-adjustment locations to move the pin on the open end of the clasp for fine fit.

Skip Gundlach

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I took a couple of days to sort through the thousand or so pix I've taken since the last, have the bulk of them processed, and uploaded into my gallery.

The refit proceeds; we'll start putting on the underwater portion of the hull's final fairing level and longboarding (sanding with a 4.5"x48" flexible board, two people) that tomorrow.

Link, for those interested, is here: You'll see 17 different projects, many with subgalleries showing some of the reason we're still sitting on the ground in the dirtiest boatyard on the East Coast :{))

L8R, y'all
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Oops, forgot to add that if you see just a file photo, those are projects not yet started, or that I've not yet processed the pix on, let alone uploaded them...
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Skip Gundlach

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A couple of pundits this morning - from an extremely liberal rag - mused on Obama...

Only one of these results in a thumbnail - you'll have to click the other link to see it, below...

‎"Yes we can!"?
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Skip Gundlach

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The Washington Post had an interesting editorial recently:

A recent Washington Post editorial commented on the recent budget battle - nobody won, but some did better than others in the atrocious compromise which allowed our government to continue to spend itself into oblivion:
A friend on some other social networking group also posted this, which resonates with the above:

If the US Government were a family, they'd be making $58,000 a year, they spend $75,000 a year, & are $327,000 into credit card debt. They are currently proposing "BIG" cuts to reduce their spending to $72,000 a year. These are the actual proportions of the federal budget & debt, reduced to a level that we can understand...
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Skip Gundlach

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The "Perils of Pauline" (you have to be older than dirt to know what that really means) have now extended to our refrigeration, and the newly completed fishfinder. Other work aboard proceeds apace, with many satisfying results.
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Skip Gundlach

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is jealous.

Skip Gundlach

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My father, who used to be, first, a Grumman Avenger Navy pilot during WWII, and, 50 years later, a private pilot, is in the landing pattern, wheels down and locked, landing lights on, and the runway lights have come on for his final transfer.

It was thus that I used all the flight analogies in my presumed final phone call to him over Skype, the medium which my sister was using to allow family members to see him during calls.

He'd long ago instructed us that in these foreseen end days (he's dying, essentially, from the effects of dementia, where the brain gradually forgets how to do anything, starting with the usual "can't remember" stuff which happens to us all as we age), to speak to him as though he was fully "there". Evidently, he was right, as he moved his shoulder as I spoke, whereas he's otherwise "resting comfortably" - which is to say, virtually inert.

Here's what I said:

Letter for Will Gundlach

October 3rd, 2011

Hi, Dad,

This is your son, Skip.

I see you're in the waiting room for your final flight. The angels are assembling to carry you to heaven so you can be with Mom. Your brother Bob and your sister Betty have set up the arrival lounge to accommodate all the others who are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

I know it will be a great trip. What a great ride that will be, with angels all around you, giving you the greatest view of the trip.

I expect that Mom will be playing her pedal organ with welcoming music, accompanying the choir assembled for you. I wish that I could be there to lend my voice, but I'll be there with you soon enough, and we'll harmonize!

All my life, you and Mom made it very clear that heaven was "THE" place to be, and there's not a doubt in this world that you've earned the right to be there. I expect that the fitting room already has your wings ready, for you're surely among the angels in my life.

Just one example has been the lifestyle we're in now. Not only did you fully accept and love Lydia, my cousin who's now my wife, your annual Christmas gifts, over time, entirely paid for our new home, the Morgan sailboat Flying Pig, along with all the improvements we've made to it over the years. Every time we raise our sails, we think of you, as it was your annual gifts which allowed us to get new sails.

On your trip, Dad, if you see this strange looking animal off to the side, it will be Flying Pig riding along as your wingman. However, with all the angels doing the transport, he'll be just along for the ride, saluting his benefactor.

For that matter, I have no doubt that there will be a virtual armada of others flying along in formation, as you've benefited thousands in your time on earth. As you look around, you'll be surrounded by all those support craft. You won't really need any support, but they'll be your honor guard on the way to your new home.

Thanks again for all you've done for me in my 66 years. Flight Services is reporting CAVU and brilliant sun, with no wind. All that sun heating the ground makes for great thermals, which will make for a swift ascent. Have a great trip! I'll talk to you again soon.

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Skip Gundlach

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Good Night, Irene...

We're now into hurricane prep, as Irene is forecast to come directly to us
in Ft. Pierce, where we're still on the hard, doing boat work.

Lots of stuff to do to protect us from losing stuff due to wind, and to make
sure we don't blow - or float - over if it actually does land as a

Those interested in monitoring our prospects can look here:

At this writing, it's pretty certain that we'll see tropical storm force
winds, with an outside chance (currently!) of a hurricane.

We have a house to go to in that event, unless it gets severe, in which case
they, too, would have to evacuate.

Otherwise, all is well aboard Flying Pig, with projects marching off the
page as we cross them off, with only a few new additions as we go (the norm
is to be peeling the onion - you discover new stuff at each layer!).

More later after whatever excitement there is, likely not before the weekend
is over...


Skip and crew

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didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail
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We're now experiencing the bands of Irene. Best thinking (of about 24 hours advance of the eye) has her passing well offshore, yielding winds only slightly more than we'd be comfortable sailing, and some heavy (but not torrential) rain. Worst of it will be tomorrow, and likely, by the end of Saturday, it will be business as usual.
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Skip Gundlach

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Michael is the author of these two fantastic add-ons to these widely used browsers...
Michael Gundlach originally shared:
Some anagrams of AdBlock for Chrome and Safari:

A sonic, affordable dork charm.
A block machine affords ardor.
Dork affords mechanical boar.
Behold! A dark raccoon affirms.

And my favorite,

A machine for cardboard folks.
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Skip Gundlach

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Our budgetary system is in total turmoil. We aren't getting nearly enough money in to support what we're spending, as a country, let alone the debt we've managed to ring up. What to do???

I think we really ought to soak the rich.

After all, the top 1% of income earners get away with only paying a total of just under 40% of all the income tax revenue now. Indeed, the top 5% of income earners only contributed, cumulatively, 58.2% of all income taxes received by the IRS. That's AFTER all the loopholes they enjoy.

By contrast, the entire bottom 50% of income tax payers (break point just over $33K income) were cumulatively forced to pony up the egregiously gouging total of 2.70% of the income taxes paid.

Guess where that leaves the rest of us?

I couldn't make this stuff up...,,id=133521,00.html
Internal Revenue Service United States Department of the Treasury Accessibility Home | Change Text Size | Contact IRS | About IRS | Site Map | Español | Help. Advanced Search Search Tips. Individuals;...
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Thanks, Chris, and warm greetings to you and Robin.

Unrelated, but interesting, WRT solutions/taxation, is something I already knew, but a Washington Post article included this factoid today:

Texas has no income tax, ranks 46th overall for the taxes it collects per capita and has the strongest job growth in the country. The state has accounted for between 30 percent and half of the net new jobs in the country in the past two years, depending on who is counting.

Seems like the US could do worse than to emulate what's going on under Perry...
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Pretty weird, for an old guy
I started my financial independence at about 8 years old, leveraging my earnings to be disreputable by the time I was in my 30s.  Now I annoy people in the sailing cruising community.
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Like many eateries in the Bahamas, this was sort of a hole in the wall - but will all the amenities. Outside dining and sipping along with indoor seating, a wide array of wines and liquors await your inspection. A rum 'tour' to allow you to savor each has 4 different rums for $15, even with the huge uptick in alcohol prices due to the new rules on duty and VAT. You can choose among many rum punches as well as all the usual other spirits. Staff was very accommodating during one of the frequent power outages, though, until it was restored, they had no means of cooking anything. Menu choices which didn't require cooking were available until, as it usually does, the power returned. I think that the time listed as 4:30 AM is actually PM for their opening, though I doubt seriously anyone would trek over at that time in the morning. We made several new friends when we were there recently. It's a casual and friendly place with a pretty wide eating-type menu, give that it's really a wine bar. Highly recommended; we had the conch patties as soon as the power returned. They were worth the trip.
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