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Beca Arredondo
E x 3 = Empower, Educate, Entertain
E x 3 = Empower, Educate, Entertain

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Dog Love

I always feel like a champ when I come home. These two little pups are the best kissers ever! 

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Oh I love this!
Katy Perry - Halftime Show

The real star of the #halftime #superbowl show was not +Katy Perry, but rather her flaming hot outfit. We bet she took some styling tips from #WillFerrell .

In the picture featured here today you can see the  uncanny resemblance to that of the charachter from #BladesofGlory Chazz Michael Michaels.

Our question to you,  who wore it better?

#whatnotowear #hotmess #superbowl #indiemusic #bitcandy  

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Couldn't agree more.
We love this way of thinking.

+Richard Branson  #smallbusinessmarketing   #ikrmedia   #brandingtips  

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This list of the Best Song Lyrics brings back so many memories. Love it!
Best Song Lyrics

Being that it's #throwbackthrusday in the cyber world we think today's featured story is perfectly appropriate.

We here at +BitCandy have taken on the nearly impossible task of compiling a list of some of the best song lyrics of all time. From +Nine Inch Nails 's lyrics "Fuck you like an animal" to   +Radiohead 's  _"Karma Police."

Take a trip down memory lane with us and let us know of any other songs you think should be featured in part two of this series.

#TBT #indiemusic #songlyrics #bitcandy #indieartist  

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New Indie Music

Thanks to +BitCandy I always look forward to Monday's. Love this week's Indie Playlist.
Top Indie Songs of the Week

Get ready for a pretty thrilling Monday. Once again our #indie insider +Jess Grant shares with us a fantastic  #indiemusic #playlist .

Part of me wants to call in sick to work today and enjoy today's list of the #topindiebands .( kidding ) But seriously, I know you feel me.

This week's features include:
+WULF Band, +Arms and Sleepers, +HozierMusic, +JMSN+Glass Animals, #Lowly , +Meanwhile & more:

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Ad of the Day
Samsung just won the phone war with this ad.

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Marketers have been having fun this week. Read through the hilarious and clever ads targeted at #Bendgate. It's hard to pick a favorite, they're all so good.

#iphone6plus #business #apple 

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Oh how far we've come.

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Shoe Bandit Caught
Dog sitter (cough cough, Beca) spent all of Saturday morning searching for slippers, flip-flops, and sneakers. Within two hours of the search, the blue nosed pit bull who goes by the name of Kimmie Dawg was caught red-handed underneath the dinning room table.

Kimmie Dawg has been taken into custody where she will spend the next ten minutes being kissed and tickled. 

Residents of the home have been caution to put shoes in a high hard to reach place. 

#pitbulllove   #doglovers   #lol  

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Extreme Houses
Living on the edge ... literally. Well done Aussies.

#architecturephotography   #homeimprovement  
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