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If I got an OTG cable would I be able to connect my phone to automate on another device (android headunit or tablet) in the same way stock android auto works or is it only run locally so to speak?

setup +Graylog this morning, Not impressed by their installation documentation, it failed to make a lot of things clear

But compared to ELK the ease of getting it up and running is amazing!
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print "Found $childcount children, attempting to kill children...\n";

Might be childish but teehehehehehehehehehe
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I went to see victor frankenstein last night, really enjoyed it. Maybe not the best film ever but I thought McAvoy and Radcliffe were both excellent. it's a shame if it's considered a disappointment.
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I recent installed yappy after the push bullet incident. Really liking it so but I have 1 issue where my phone can't see my other phone. Process of events went like this

Set up my personal phone (nexus 5x)
Set up my work phone (HTC One)
HTC one can see both itself and nexus.
nexus can only see itself

Setup tablet (Note 8)
Tablet, web interface and HTC can see both devices

nexus can still only see itself...

Any idea how to resolve this?

Is there anyway to keep the screen on when running automate? screen keeps turning off on me.

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New toy :)

Bought from +Currys PC World​. First time in ages I've been in one and a perfect experience. Didn't even have the audios on display yet
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updated office 365 to office 2016. looks pretty good so far. I really wish there was a better linux office suit though :(
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Apple magic trackpad + touchegg for linux = win

made even better by this config tool
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Well it's only half past 8 but I've already been screwed over by my mechanics quoting 1 figure then telling me one almost double.

Start as you mean go on eh +Western Honda 
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