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When your mane falls down
When I was on Safari in South Africa last year, the game
rangers told us an interesting story about zebras. Apparently, zebras always
look fat even when they are starving. Ill zebras are protected by this
well-covered look to fool predators and you can neve...

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Another chemo.
Started Doxil yesterday. Navelbine did not halt the steady
progression on my pleura. Although my bones have shown little progression since
the initial metastatic diagnosis three years ago and my liver has been stable for over a
year, the pleura of my right ...

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Genomic profiling of male breast cancer. summary
Burki, T.K. (2016).
Genomic profiling of male breast cancer. The
Lancet Oncology. This brief article
added to robust research in the area of the biological differences between male
and female breast cancers. Subjects were
59 male breast cancer patients, all...

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Am I still me?
The sicker I get, the more of a stranger to myself I become.  Time used to be measured by teaching days and holidays. Now time is measured by
weekly infusions, daily neupogen injections, monthly xgeva injections, teaching
days, and recovery days.  I used to...

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Summary of "Randomized Trial of a Physical Activity Intervention in Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer"
Randomized Trial of a Physical Activity Intervention in
Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer was the official title. Then there was the completely misleading title in Exercise No Aid to Functioning With Advanced Breast Cancer Shame on the...

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Why am I so tired?
to the Mayo Clinic, “The exact causes of cancer fatigue and how best to treat
it aren't always clear.” The website then goes on to list possible causes from
the cancer and/or the treatment. Not included in the list is the ongoing treatment
for can...

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How many lives?
These are the anecdotes I love to share with my children to remind them how lucky they are to be here. I’m not sure if it is just me, but there is something about
knowing that I am definitely on my last life that triggers the memory of the
number of times, ...

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A life summary
There is no timetable for grief but the average resilient
person experiences intense mourning after the death of a loved one for about
seven to twelve weeks. For those weeks, we question the purpose of life, we may
cry, we may scream, and we often long for ...

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Update after my October scan
A hassidic rebbe once said, “Let me not die while I am still
alive.” My
life has been a blur of work (65 hours a week) and hospital visits and
exercise. I keep asking myself why I am spending so much time on work as I’m
not even sure if this is my last seme...

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Surviving October
I actually wrote this two weeks ago but am so caught up in trying to live that I never got a chance to post it. As I trudge through my next cycle between scans, I’m intensely
vigilant for new symptoms, real and imagined. Of course, as the middle of
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