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I made tons of baby food today! My ice cube trays are full. Takes some time but so much cheaper than store bought. Also less waste (all those tiny single serving containers). Some was even made from organic veggies from Grandma's garden. <3
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Sounds like a job well done, time well spent, money saved, and several delicious meals for one lucky kiddo!

I've been doing this lately too ... all these fruits & veggies that I can't eat fast enough are being pureed and frozen in jars.
Someone gave me the baby Bullet, its the best! I've made all my own baby food in it, so fun and yes you totally save money! Nice to know exactly what goes in to it too. Glad you're enjoying it :)
Very cool! I already had a food processor so I just used that. Also I have changed the way I cook a bit, no salt and mild seasoning, so that I can give him bits of our food. He loves to feed himself too. Little bits of chicken are his favorite. I have a hand crank baby food mill I use for stuff I have just prepared. I only use the frozen stuff about 1/3 of the time. Healthier for mom and pops too!
Is there anything I should worry about, or know NOT to use? ... I don't have any books or anything on this yet, but have just been freezing plain fruit or veg purees for later because it seems a shame to waste this stuff that may be useful in a few months. :)
Strawberries are the most allergic (also one of the most toxic if not organic), tomatos, citrus, wheat. We do everything organic though. I think I'll try strawberries soon though, he only seems sensitive to dairy. I did sweet potato, carrots, apples, blueberries, brocoli, lentils and quinoa.
Well, since the only things I end up with too much of are from the garden or the csa tote, it's all organic anyway. :) I will assume it's all good for baby then! Didn't know about strawberries, but those get eaten too fast to be "leftover" anyway.
It's so awesome that you're doing that. Chantelle did the same thing with fruits and veggies we bought at the SLO Farmers Market. Cheap, healthy, organic and locally sourced- it's a winner on so many levels. Way to go! :)
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