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Good afternoon,

Please see new sailing schedule and rates:

Sailing ex Sheerness 30.04.2014
Receiving to midday 28.04.2014
Tema eta 16.05.2014
Pointe Noire eta 20.05.2014
Durban eta 31.05.2014

Sailing ex Sheerness 05.05.2014
Receiving 21.04.2014 to midday 01.05.2014
Dar Es Salaam eta 31.05.2014
Mombasa eta 03.06.2014

Sailing ex Sheerness 22.05.2014
Receiving 05.05.2014 to midday 20.05.2014
Dar Es Salaam eta 21.06.2014
Mombasa eta 23.06.2014

Sailing ex Sheerness 19.05.2014
Receiving 05.05.2014 to midday 15.05.2014
Maputo 07.06.2014
Dar Es Salaam eta 11.06.2014
Mombasa eta 13.06.2014

Prices From:
Mombasa £720
Dar Es Salaam £720
Namibia £625
Beitbridge £1450
Nigeria £490
Australia £900
Cyprus £750
Nassau £1350
Abidjan £435
Angola £555
Cottonou £450
Douala £460
Noire £680
Libreville £560
Banjul £470
Tema £470
Conakry £555
Casablance £520
Lagos £490 
Dakar £390
Freetown £950

We can offer Shipping worldwide including Boma and Bangladesh so please do not hesitate to call on 0800 433 4761

Good morning, Schedule updated as follows; any amended dates are highlighted in red.
Please also see attached port requirements once again for trailer stacks at Sheerness.
Just a gentle reminder as there are trailers being delivered on occasion that do not meet these requirements.
Morning Concert
Sailing ex Sheerness 10.03.2014
Receiving now to midday 06.03.2014
Pointe Noire eta 28.03.2014
Dar Es Salaam eta 12.04.2014
Mombasa eta 14.04.2014
Sailing ex Sheerness 23.03.2014
Receiving from 10.03.2014 to midday 20.03.2014
Dar Es Salaam eta 17.04.2014
Mombasa eta 19.04.2014
Serenity Ace
Sailing ex Sheerness 01.04.2014
Receiving 10.03.2014 to midday 27.03.2014
Tema eta 12.04.2014
Durban eta 23.04.2014
Maputo eta 25.04.2014
Dar Es Salaam eta 29.04.2014
Mombasa eta 01.05.2014
Grand Victory
Sailing ex Sheerness 03.04.2014
Receiving 24.03.2014 to midday 01.04.2014
Pointe Noire eta 13.04.2014 TBC
Dar Es Salaam eta 05.04.2014
Mombasa eta 07.04.2014
Glovis Countess (all dates TBC)
Sailing ex Sheerness 05.04.2014
Receiving TBA
Tema eta 18.04.2014 (TBC)
Durban eta 30.04.2014

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check out our website for more information on our shipping services

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1 hour to closing time for the Sheerness vessel to Namibia/Durban. 

Euro spirit vessel for Namibia & Durban now CLOSED. next vessel 7/7/12

The World Bank has approved US$90 million in grant financing that aims to reduce trade barriers in Abidjan port

 NOCC Pamplona now full, next vessel for Namibia 26/6/12

Good evening, please note the Glorious Leader has been cancelled from Sheerness call, any bookings already made will be transferred to the Grand Diamond on the 29th of June.

Good morning, updated schedule as below. The Excellent Ace is now sailing 16th June so receiving will now be to 13th June.
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