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South Florida Website Designers
South Florida Website Designers


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Lawyer Web Design
If you don't want to end up in a wheelchair don't mess with a lawyers website.  This lawyer fired the first two web designers because they couldn't seem to do anything right.  He hired us and he's thrilled with the results!   #webdesign   #webdesigner   #lawyer  

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Yes with 1 hour notice the appointment was canceled when the lawyer realized today is Friday the 13th. 
Lawyer Web Design
My 11:30am appointment with a lawyer to discuss a new website got canceled today.  Wait for it...   The lawyer canceled because today is Friday the 13th.  Absolutely true!  If this made you smile today please click the +1 or share this. #webdesign   #fridayfunny   #fridaythe13th   #fridaythe13  

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This web design also makes use of the Google+ badge at the bottom of each page.  This helps people to find the website in searches.  
CMS Web Design - Responsive Web Design

We will be making this new website live within the next few hours.  It has an easy to use Content Management System so that the client can continue to easily add examples of his work.  It is also a responsive web design which means that the website will automatically reshape itself to fit tablets, computers and smart phones.
#responsivewebdesign   #cmswebdesign   #webdesignsouthflorida  

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The Manslater (Woman Language Translator)

#hilarious #funny #comedy

Would this gadget work for you? I want one!

See how I used this video with a great outcome in this blog post:

The Art of Flavouring Words On Your Blog

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Our latest web design project:
There is a content management system where the owners are able to control everything.  They can add more product photos at any time and keep all the information current without paying a programmer or designer.   #webdesignsouthflorida  

I'll be at the Expo today in the Miami Free Zone in Doral Florida.  Let's meet!

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Web Design South Florida

What is wrong with this picture?  The company sells lumber and their previous web designer decided that showing pictures of lumber would be a great idea. They also decided to show trees in the background is that OK?

Think about the last time you saw a hamburger restaurant that showed you photos of cows in their commercials.  I'm sure you've never seen that yet cow meat is exactly what they sell.  So what is going on here?

The burger joints don't ever want you to think about the fact that what you have on that bun was a living, breathing mammal just a few days before you walked in.  They don't want you to think about how a cheese burger is actually cow on a bun. Selling lumber is the same thing; do we really want people to think about where lumber comes from? Nobody likes to think about trees being cut down.  For that reason, in the new design we made for this South Florida client which will be live soon we show the beauty and warmth of wood, not the trees! #webdesignsouthflorida  

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Best South Florida Web Design Company
Best South Florida Web Design Company
Web Design South Florida - South Florida Website Design Company
We would never claim to be the best South Florida web design company.  We don't need to because we let our clients do the talking for us. #bestwebdesigncompany   #webdesigner   #southflorida   #webdesignsouthflorida  

How To Find a Good South Florida Web Designer

Many of our clients are licensed by the state of Florida.  Real estate agents for example have to take a test to prove that they have learned what they need to know.  Lawyers pass a difficult exam and become licensed to work in Florida.  Even hairdressers are licensed by the state of Florida.  Web designers aren't regulated by anyone at all.  There is no test to take, no board exams to qualify, you can simply call yourself a web designer.

For that reason we have heard so many stories of how things have gone wrong for clients before they came to us.  After a while all the stories seem to fall into one of these groups:

1. We gave the designer a deposit and never heard from him again.
2. The phone number for the programmer has been disconnected.
3. They never made any layout suggestion that I liked.
4. I've been waiting for 9 months for them to finish.
5. There are error messages on the site.

We have been in this business 19 years so we thought we hear every story there is and then we just got our new client who told a story we never heard before.  He told us he gave the designer a deposit and then the guy got sick and later died.  

This of course is sad and beyond what you'd ever expect.  There is still an important point to consider here.  When you deal with an individual that person might get sick, win the lottery and leave town, get divorced and forget about you, there are all sorts of things that can go wrong.  When you deal with a company it doesn't matter much what problems might occur within the life of one individual in the company.  In the end the company is responsible for getting your project done; not the one individual you handed the check to.
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