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Roger Eschbacher
I write TV animation and novels. I also act. Go me.
I write TV animation and novels. I also act. Go me.


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Adam Savage Incognito as King Arthur at Comic-Con 2017
How cool is this?! Definitely checking out the full episode. From the video description:  "Adam fulfills his lifelong dream of becoming King Arthur from the film
Excalibur at San Diego Comic-Con! This year's costume is a full suit of
armor from Excalibur,...

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'The Flintstones' Theme Song - Postmodern Jukebox
An old favorite retro-updated! p.s. See if you can guess the name of the other show's theme song slipped in toward the end.

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Help Molly reach her funding goal!

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indieBRAG 2017 Cover Contest: Please Vote for Dragonfriend's Cover
I think my cover for Dragonfriend is a fine cover.  The good folks at indieBrag do too and nominated it as a finalist in their 2017 cover contest.  If you agree with our assessment of Dragonfriend 's cover, please go to the indieBrag site and vote for it in...

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Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
"Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz": I wrote for this fun show last year. It just started airing on Boomerang's streaming service so check it out! #otherwriting

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DRAGONFRIEND: indieBRAG 2017 Cover Contest Finalist!
The cover for Dragonfriend was nominated as a finalist in the first annual "indieBRAG 2017 Cover Contest." Yay! You may recall this is the same organization that awarded their medallion to Dragonfriend a few years back. So this is pretty cool. Contest votin...

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Sci-Fi Novel Update
After receiving some wise counsel from several of my author pals, I've decided to go the Kindle Scout route with my space opera novel. As my friends pointed out, the concern about "having to do a lot of promotion" to get people to nominate my book is a holl...

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10000 chickens vs. 20 T-Rexes
Not sure if authentic physical and behavioral species characteristics are at play here (I'm pretty sure chickens don't explode, right?), but this does serve as an amusing exercise in "what if" theory.

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While it's a little over 5 months until the Walk to End Alzheimer's (10/07/17), I'm hoping you won't mind me asking you to visit my donation page. It's never too early to join the fight. Thanks!

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My Space Opera Novel: What Should I Do Next?
Spaceship concept art by Viktor Titov Okay, here's the deal. A little over a year ago I finished my YA space opera, had my trusted beta-readers help me pummel it into shape, then had it professionally proofread. I was all set to commission a cover and self-...
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